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How do you define Excellence? Find out if your definition matches up with some awe-inspiring notables who speak exclusively and candidly about their journeys of Excellence. This just might be the podcast you didn't know you needed.These discussions aren't a glorification of Excellence, but an examination of the entire path, which always includes challenges, successes, failures, inspirations and more. Go along with host Brian Hurlburt as the guests speak like never before about Excellence. Guests have included baseball hall of famer Greg Maddux, best-selling author and former FBI asst. director of counterintelligence Frank Figliuzzi, former NFL star and Naval Academy graduate Napoleon McCallum, multi-talented performer and business woman Susan Anton, NBA hall of famer Bill Walton and PGA Tour player and philanthropist Charley Hoffman.Hopefully, this podcast motivates humanity to pursue Excellence by magnifying awe-inspiring people, stories, philosophies and performances. A new era of Excellence is here. A common thread of Excellence: it is a journey, not a destination. Est. Vegas 2020, the Sports and Entertainment Capital of the World.
Ty Murray - How Bull Riding Basics Led to Life Excellence (#21)Jennifer Lynne Williams - Excellence Is Being an Independent Thinker (#20)Linda Hartough - Following Self Belief to Capture Excellence (#19)Dr. Gerald E. Harmon - Why We Should Heed His Advice About Excellence, More (#18)
This could be our most important episode to date. Dr. Gerald E. Harmon is a practicing family medical specialist and also the president of the American Medical Association. At arguably no time in our history due to Covid-19 and other medical issues, is serving these roles been more important. In this episode, Dr. Harmon shares the excellence he witnesses from his colleagues, his definition of Excellence, why taking the advice of medical professionals is a little bit of Excellence, the impact of Covid-19 and why vaccinations are important, and more.Dr. Harmon's bio is filled with Excellence, including serving as major general in the Air Force, chief physician for the National Guard Bureau and assistant surgeon general for the U.S. Air Force. He has also been decorated with the Air Force Commendation Medal and the Humanitarian Service Medal and other honors."One of the things I've learned with excellence is that my patients can trust me.," Harmon said during the episode. "They can trust their provider, the healthcare provider, whether it's me as a physician, whether it's someone coming in and taking their vital signs, (or anyone in the medical field. ) I've given interviews and people have said, 'what's the most important thing you've learned in medicine? And what's the most valuable thing you've taken away?' I think the most valuable thing I would take away is that people have trusted me. I've earned a patient's trust."Dr. Harmon offers terrific advice  throughout the episode, medical and otherwise.That's why I dubbed him, Dr. Advice.I hope you enjoy the episode. --Brian Hurlburt, host.For more about the Magnifying Excellence podcast, visit. xlete.com
Oct 12 2021
40 mins
Lt. Col. Dan Rooney - Going Before You Are Ready Is the DNA of Excellence (#17)
"Go Before You Are Ready."A life mantra and one of the 10 LOE's (lines of effort) of Lt. Col. Dan Rooney, the only person in history to be both a United States Air Force pilot and PGA of America professional.During this episode, the uplifting Dan Rooney shares inspiration and conversations about his journey of Excellence, which includes thoughts behind the meaning of the title of his book, "Fly Into the Wind - How to Harness Faith and Fearlessness on Your Ascent to Greatness."From Rooney, who also is the founder of Foldsofhonor.org, an organization that has awarded scholarships to 35,000 children of fallen military heroes:"Go before you are ready. If I I had an Anthem in my life, that's probably it. I really believe that people who go before they're ready, that's the DNA that ties greatness together." Also, he will reveal the life-altering lessons he learned as a fighter pilot that can translate into life for all of us."Being a fighter pilot changed me forever," Rooney said during the episode.  "The number one thing you learn about Excellence is that it's a business of no excuses and very high stakes and being prepared. Number one, being very open and transparent about your mistakes in a world where everybody tries to hide everything. When you make a mistake on a mission, you write it down and you come in and you openly share those with the group in the spirit of humility and getting better."Lt. Col. Dan Rooney. Take a few minutes and listen to his message and learn more about his story.For more about the Magnifying Excellence podcast, visit. xlete.com
Oct 5 2021
37 mins
Simon Keith - Two-Time Heart Transplant Recipient Shares How to Embrace Fear (#16)Annika Sorenstam - How a Shy Girl Grew Up to Not Fear Excellence (#15)Sam Schmidt - How and Why Paralysis Led to True Excellence (#14)Darren Cahill - Ask, Listen for Excellence Plus What He Learned from Andre Agassi (#13)Tasha Schwikert Moser– How Excellence Blossoms from Little Margin for Error (# 12)
Tasha Schwikert Moser had to perform under the brightest lights and intense pressure when mere seconds would define her performance and career.Listen now as this Olympic medal winner for Team USA ,turned attorney, shares stories, inspirations and more from her journey of Excellence, which featured challenges (as they all do.)The Magnifying Excellence Podcast is a timeless journey of Excellence, when our guests talk exclusively and candidly about their journeys of Excellence like never before. This is not a glorification of excellence, but an examination of the all-encompassing path of Excellence. Hosted by Brian Hurlburt.ALSO:  CLAIM YOUR FREE 10 LIFE & BUSINESS LESSONS FROM SEASON 1 GUESTS E-BOOK by Host Brian Hurlburt NOW.Click and enter email - NO ObligationThe multi-talented Schwikert Moser is one of the most notable Team USA gymnasts in history—winning team bronze in 2000—and continues to make a mark as a successful attorney, mother, wife and as an advocate for sexual assault victims. She and many of her teammates were horribly wronged by a team doctor and she has taken power from it to make change.Schwikert describes how there is little margin for error in gymnastics and when practicing the law. Plus, how she found her true passion under the intense heat of the Las Vegas summer sun.She was a 2-time NCAA champion and graduate with a sociology degree from UCLA and is a member of the Team USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame and the Southern Nevada Sports Hall of Fame. She is also a graduate of the UNLV William S. Boyd School of Law and corporate attorney for Munck Wilson in Texas.This is the Excellence of Tasha Schwikert Moser.
Apr 27 2021
32 mins
Special Edition - 10 Most Intriguing Moments of Season 1 - Episode 11George Kunz - How Quiet Excellence Leads to Happiness, Success - Episode 10
It's time for another timeless journey of Excellence, when our guests talk exclusively and candidly about their journeys of Excellence like never before. This is not a glorification of excellence, but an examination of the all-encompassing path of Excellence. Hosted by Brian Hurlburt.The multi-talented George Kunz--you may not readily recognize the name-- has hall of fame credentials … but as with any journey of Excellence, sometimes the path is winding, and his final, rightful destination in Canton is still unattained.If I told you George Kunz was one of the best offensive linemen in Notre Dame history—his 1966 team won a national title—and then he was an NFL all pro 8 times in 9 years with Colts and Falcons … including being voted THE best offensive lineman in 1976 and 1977 … you’d probably think he already had a bust in the hallowed halls of football’s hall of fame in Canton, Ohio. Your thought would be wrong.CLAIM YOUR FREE 10 LIFE & BUSINESS LESSONS FROM SEASON 1 GUESTS E-BOOK By Host Brian Hurlburt NOW.Click and enter email - NO ObligationMuch like offensive lineman in football quietly go about their roles on the field, so does Kunz in all facets of his life, probably a contributing factor to why he hasn’t been inducted as of 2021.He didn’t showboat as a player, didn’t as a successful business person owning McDonald’s franchises and learning from the legendary Ray Kroc, and doesn’t now as a practicing attorney in Las Vegas, having entered the UNLV law school at 59 years old.His Excellence is quietly impactful, which sometimes goes unnoticed in a world of super social media and high---and many times misplaced---ego.  George shares more about this thought process during this episode, the final of season 1.This is a must listen to learn and be inspired by the one and only George Kunz.
Mar 30 2021
32 mins
Elizabeth Blau - Why Leading By Example and With Heart Means Excellence - Magnifying Excellence #9
It's time for another timeless journey of Excellence, when our guests talk exclusively and candidly about their journeys of Excellence like never before. This is not a glorification of excellence, but an examination of the all-encompassing path of Excellence. Hosted by Brian Hurlburt.When I asked Magnifying Excellence Season 1, Episode 9 guest Elizabeth Blau--recognized as one of the key people over the last 20  years of Las Vegas evolving into a world class dining destination-- if she had a favorite quote or a piece of advice that she kept at the ready to motivate her, she responded that she didn’t. She said she stays motivated by getting up each day and trying to make the world a little bit better place by the end of it. CLAIM YOUR FREE 10 LIFE & BUSINESS LESSONS FROM SEASON 1 GUESTS E-BOOK By Host Brian Hurlburt NOW.Click and enter email - NO ObligationBut, by the end of our conversation, we mutually determined that “Lead by Example” should probably be her official mantra. She also said that being curious is very important on the path of Excellence, just as fellow guest Susan Anton had included in her definition.“Leading by example is critical,” said Blau, who remained busy during the 2020 and 2021 Covid-19 pandemic helping her clients and also operating her own restaurants. “You can't tell people to do one thing, like, ‘Don't spread COVID and stay home’, and then be a politician who travels out of state to visit their family. “You have to have that level of integrity about what you're doing. At our restaurants, I make sure that we quarterly sessions where there are no managers and I just meet with our teams so that they know that they have direct access to me. While our business is growing and a big business, it's still a family business run by my husband and myself. So, knowing that there's an open-door policy and that if people have a problem, they can feel comfortable to reach out. I think that's an essential part of being a good leader, whether you're on a sports team or, you know, whether your team is a team of employees.”(Some of) Blau's Excellence- Blau was recognized at the prestigious UNLV Vino event with the Dom Perignon Award of Excellence.- She helped create From the Classroom to the Boardroom: Leadership for Women in Hospitality, an immersive class at UNLV and Florida International University, along with assistant professor and author Lisa Cain.- Blau is a graduate of the prestigious Cornell School of Hotel Management.- She is a past James Beard Award honoree.- Blau has appeared as a judge on the Food Network’s ‘Iron Chef America’ and is also an annual judge for Hotel Magazine’s best restaurants.- Her story has been featured on the Travel Channel and the Martha Stewart Show.- She operates Honey Salt and Buddy V's in Las Vegas
Mar 23 2021
35 mins
NBA's Greg Anthony - Perseverance and the Power of No Fear of Failure - Episode 8
It's time for another timeless journey of Excellence, when our guests talk exclusively and candidly about their journeys of Excellence like never before. This is not a glorification of excellence, but a deep examination of the all-encompassing path of Excellence. Hosted by Brian Hurlburt.Our guest this week is Greg Anthony, an NCAA national champion (UNLV), 11-year NBA veteran, current NBA announcer and business person.CLAIM YOUR FREE 10 LIFE & BUSINESS LESSONS FROM SEASON 1 GUESTS E-BOOK By Host Brian Hurlburt NOW.Click and enter email - NO ObligationGreg's Takeaways"Excellence is obviously a powerful word. I think Excellence is the ability to have a high level of consistency. As human beings, we have faults and flaws, and we're not perfect, but Excellence  is when you approach the challenge of trying to be perfect and you create a level of consistency." "I think we always want to focus on Excellence being relative to your circumstance""Jerry Tarkanian instilled confidence in me""Pat Riley instilled confidence in the team""It's really important to set markers that you want to aspire to, because that creates an environment where you can go and pursue (Excellence) without fear of failure or fault, and not be worried about being judged.""I think you have to find something you genuinely care about.  You want to find something you're passionate about and that passion will create the journey for you. If you truly love something enough, that that should bring about a certain level of focus and discipline that you have to have to be good at anything."  Greg's StoryGreg’s path of Excellence has been winding, from growing up without his father’s influence, to being under-recruited out of high school, to  playing through a broken jaw during the 1990 UNLV national championship season, to other obstacles hurdled, but through it all, his perseverance has never been in short supply.The city of Las Vegas and the 1990 UNLV team bonded in a special way and the foundation of it all were teammates that played for, and trusted, each other. under legendary coach Jerry Tarkanian. In addition to an 11-year NBA career including on some legendary New York Knicks teams playing for another legendary coach, Pat Riley, Greg has also been my friend since third grade, when we played on the same basketball team for three years. These days, Anthony is a respected NBA television announcer and also president of Altitude International, a company that is bringing a new and innovative Excellence to sports training. He’s also the father of four, including NBA rookie, Cole, of the Orlando Magic, and daughter, Ella, a top-ranked high school player.We invite you take another journey of Excellence with us. Please stay tuned and thanks for listening.
Mar 15 2021
39 mins
Frank Figliuzzi - Inside the FBI's Code of Excellence - Best-Selling Author - Episode 7PGA Tour's Charley Hoffman - This Is How Powerful Self Belief Is - Epidose 6
How do you define Excellence? Well, during this episode find out how PGA Tour player and philanthropist Charley Hoffman does and you can listen now and see if his thoughts are similar to yours. Hosted by Brian Hurlburt.Our guests--like Hoffman--speak exclusively about their journeys of Excellence like they never have before, providing insights and inspirations. Our timeless episodes aren't a glorification of Excellence but deep examinations of it.Hear never-heard-before comments and exclusive perspectives about Excellence, life, golf, charity, and more, in this thorough and intriguing interview with PGA Tour veteran Hoffman who has won four PGA Tour events and more than $30 million in earnings.CLAIM YOUR FREE 10 LIFE & BUSINESS LESSONS FROM SEASON 1 GUESTS E-BOOK By Host Brian Hurlburt NOW.Click and enter email - NO ObligationPlus, take the insights from Hoffman and apply them to your everyday life, business and career.Hoffman Gems from Podcast Episode:- You have to have self-belief.  Without it, you are going nowhere.- From college coach Dwaine Knight - "I learned to be on time because that shows the ultimate respect for the people you are meeting with."- Embrace the challenge of pressure.- Don't chase perfectionism because nobody is perfect. But do pursue Excellence and self-evaluate as you evolve, learning from mistakes.- Tiger Woods is a "born leader."- Skateboarder Tony Hawk  and golfer Greg Norman inspired Hoffman because of their mindsets in and out of their fields.Charley Hoffman, and his wife, Stacy, along with Charley Hoffman Foundation supporters, have raised more than $3 million for charity. Find out why Hoffman believes empathy and giving back is a big part of a journey of Excellence.Visit www.CharleyHoffmanFoundation.org to donate or support their efforts with children's charities.
Mar 1 2021
37 mins
Greg Maddux - How Good Can I Be? Was His Driving Motivation to Excellence - Episode 1
Oct 24 2020
35 mins
Bill Walton - Don't Sit on the Sidelines - Basketball Hall of Famer - Episode 4Susan Anton - Be Curious and Be a Human "BE"-ing - Episode 3
Oct 24 2020
35 mins
NFL and Navy's Napoleon McCallum - Know What Excellence Looks Like -Episode #2