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Evolution Of AloHā is about sharing stories. Storytelling is a tool for making sense of sophisticated conditions and exploring better ways to connect. Storytelling is the most natural way to enter into a new relationship to build a foundation of wisdom and humility. The Evolution of AloHā Podcast is a wonderful opportunity to engage with those stories as Dr. G engages with guests on various topics and interesting discussions. Join us! https://linktr.ee/evolutionofaloha

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Ep. 23 - Holding Space for AloHā - Aloha NW - 04302024
Apr 30 2024
Ep. 23 - Holding Space for AloHā - Aloha NW - 04302024
In this episode, Dr. G sits down with the owner of Aloha NW, a small Island-themed retail shop in the heart of downtown Kirkland, WA. Tanya Carnahan, the owner,  identifies as haolé and fell in love with Kona after spending several years living there. Some local people see this as an offense, an appropriation of culture. Dr. G demonstrates that the heart of a person is what counts, and we should not quickly judge without attempting to build relationships and understanding first. They are joined by Keenan and Kim DeMello from Kimberline Creations, artists and vendors whose crafts are sold at Aloha NW. Through this conversation, the four demonstrate that there is often more to most situations than meets the eye. Tanya's love for the islands translates into a place where local artists, musicians, and craftspeople's work is highlighted to a broader continental market. We hope you enjoy this insightful conversation!https://www.alohanorthwestllc.comGive a little Aloha and become a contributing member to the work I do. Support The Evolution of AloHā with a small monthly gift to the Plowline Productions Patreon Page! Proceeds go to producing this podcast; you will receive exclusive offers, extended podcasts, and yearly giveaways!https://www.patreon.com/PlowlineProductionsSubscribe to The Evolution of AloHā website and receive a free Guiding Principles of A.L.O.H.A. 11x17 poster.https://www.evolutionofaloha.comMy Consulting Services can be found at:https://www.co3consulting.netThe Evolution of AloHā Podcast is produced by Plowline Media Productions#EvolutionOfAloha #GuidingPrinciplesOfAloha #WayfindingLeadership #WholeSystemsParadigm #WesternKnowledge #IndigenousWayOfBeing