World What's Up!

Andy James

WHAT IS WORLD WHAT’S UP?Weekly Podcast where I chat to fascinating guests. I’ll ask them to give me six questions they think it would be interesting for listeners to know about them. Then I’ll ask a few of my own and we’ll go from there. I'll also take a look at some of the weird and wonderful, things happening every week.

World What's Up Season 2 Episode 10 (Grenada Special) Playwright Francis Urias PetersWorld What's Up! Season 2 Episode 9 (Grenada Special) Bobby Steele Hospitality/Entertainment GuruWorld What's Up Season 2 Episode 8 Part 2 Gordana Micic Stand up/Business Expert/DancerWorld What's Up! Season 2 Episode 8 Part 1 Gordana Micic Stand Up Comedian/Busines womanWorld What's Up! Season 2 Episode 7 Jason Dean Fashion Designer/ ManufacturerWorld What's Up! Season 2 Episode 6 Anthony Warren Actor/ PromoterWorld What's Up Season 2 Episode 5 The Band "THE NOW"
The Now are a four piece band from South Wales who, although only started playing together in 2018. They have started making an impact on the music scene with their big, highly infectious, guitar heavy tracks.The Now consists of: Shane Callaghan on Rhythm Guitar & Lead Vocals, Will Scott on Drums, Callum Bromage on Guitar & Vocals and Jay Evans on Bass and Vocals.The Now are determined to stand alone with a unique sound. They have music and lyrics that need to be heard and it’s the band’s mission to make sure they’re heard by as many people as possible.The Now have already worked with legendary producers like grammy award winning producer Jason Perry (Mcfly, Busted, Don Broco, The Blackout), Adam Noble (Coldplay, Biffy Clyro, Liam Gallagher) and Richard Jackson (The Automatic, Super Furry Animals and Duffy).The boys single Dr Jones has managed to start their rise to success with it featuring on BBC Radio 2 - The Rock show "Johnnie Walker" and also a numerous amount of plays on Planet Rock with Wyatt featuring the track on his show "The New Rock Show". Not long after the release of Friendly fire, they got contacted by BBC introducing Wales presenter "Adam Walton" to air Friendly Fire on the station.The Now signed their first independent record deal in September 2021 with Golden Robot Records; given The Now something they were missing to take them to the top.TourIn it together Festival supporting Noel Gallagher June 03/05/2022.Plus More dates to be confirmed (I'll keep you posted!)DON'T MISSThe NEW Single Holy out on 22/02/22.
Jan 19 2022
23 mins
World What's Up! Season 2 Episode 4 Father Christmas/ Santa Claus interviewWorld What's Up Season 2 episode 3 Jason Sinclair HR/Inclusive RecruitmentWorld What's Up! Season 2 Episode 2. Andrew Thornton Supermarket owner/environmentalist/ CoachWorld What's Up Season 2 Episode 1 David Tims Musician / PhilanthropistThe Very Best of Season One! (WWU BEST BITS!)
If you haven't had a chance yet to listen to season one of World What's Up or you only managed to hear one or two episodes you are in luck. I have put together a compilation of some of the very best bits of season one. ( I'm no tech so it was a mission to put together so the least you can do is have a listen! Joking aside there are some really informative, funny and inspiring interview. Have a little taste then if you like it go for the full meal. You won't be disappointed.                                                                       TIMESIntro                                                            00.16Artist Director Park Theatre       Jez Bond 1.06, Producer/Actor                                   Donna Taylor 2.10Bussiness Coach                                 Teju Chosen 3.11Film Director                                         Jane Gull 4.17Urban film Exhibitor                         Marlon Palmer 5.20Emotional Health Practitioner  Jo Morton Bbrown 6.23Film director/Producer                  Mark Brown/ Laura Rees 7.26Kundalini Yoga Teacher                  Siri Sadhana Kaur 8.32Parish priest   Father                        Ben Kerridge 9.08Actor                                                          Ronny Jhutti 9.40Actor/ Folk singer                              Niall Mc Namee 10.43Producer/Choreographer             Anthony W Johnson 11.48Actor                                                         Chris Reilly 12.52Restaurant Owner/ Activist        Nigeal Andall 13.26Actor/Podcaster/Standup            Andy James 14.36Actor                                                         Akie Kotabe 15.42Mayor/ Local councillor                Adam Jogee 1646Musician/ Composer                      Simon Turner 17.19
Oct 13 2021
18 mins
World What's Up! Episode 18 Musician/ Composer Simon TurnerWorld What's Up! Episode 17 Mayor of Haringey/Local Counsellor Adam JogeeWorld What's Up! Episode 16 Hollywood Actor / Akie KotabeWorld What's Up! Episode 15 Actor / Voice Artist/ Writer and Podcaster Andy JamesWorld What's Up! Episode 14 Restaurant owner and Community Legend Nigeal AndallWorld What's Up! Episode 13  Actor Chris ReillyWorld What's Up! Episode 12 US Producer/Actor/ Choreographer/Director Anthony W JohnsonWorld what's up! Episode 11 Folk singer, Song writer and Actor Niall McNamee