No Guts No Glory: Real Talk about Bariatric Surgery

Allyson and Cortni

Picture sitting around the table with close friends in a cozy space, laughing and sharing your upcoming hopes, worries, and questions about your weight-loss surgery. No bullshit, just real talk. The thing you crave if you’re going to start navigating this experience. That’s everything Allyson and Cortni sought when beginning to think about their bariatric surgeries, and something that was seemingly rare to find. Something that they hope to share with you. Two different surgeries (Sleeve gastrectomy and Biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch) two different states, two different “why’s”. Settle in and join the friends as they share the good, the bad, and everything in-between of weight-loss surgery. No guts, no glory. For any questions or to guest spot or share a story of your own, please email us at: Instagram: @nogutsnoglorypodcast2021 Website: New episodes every week. read less

Our Editor's Take

What is the No Guts No Glory: Real Talk about Bariatric Surgery podcast? It's two friends supporting each other and listeners through weight loss surgery.

The podcast series begins in 2021 with Cortni and Allyson's decision to have surgery. Cortni had booked a bypass operation for February 2022. She talks about how she was too scared to go to the doctor. Cortni found walking difficult and feared for how long she might live. It was Allyson who encouraged her to book an appointment.

Not long after, Allyson scheduled one for herself. Allyson's heart was at risk of failure, and gastric bypass surgery was her only option. The podcast follows the friends' journey as they prepare for surgery and recover. They talk about everything from their different surgeries to insurance challenges. Guests also join to share advice and support.

In one episode, Nima Kharrazi, the Seattle-based host of My Gastric Sleeve, joins. It's his second appearance on the podcast, and he's back post-op to share his story. Nima reveals that without the surgery, he would weigh 430 pounds. At 410 pounds, simple tasks like tying his shoelaces would leave him breathless. Nima's anxieties were all about his weight. He is healthier after his operation. Nima talks about the doctor who scared him into choosing surgery and how he has changed his life since.

Other episodes of No Guts No Glory discuss additional topics about weight loss surgery. Some think that weight loss surgery is a simple procedure. But there are many things to navigate to get the surgery. The procedure itself involves hospitalization and recovery time. It takes a number of weeks before patients get to eat regular food again. Then they have to navigate a new relationship with food. Those who are successful may reach their weight loss goals. But the surgery is not a magic fix. The hosts are candid when it comes to explaining everything listeners need to know.

No Guts No Glory: Real Talk about Bariatric Surgery features compelling content about weight loss surgery. Listeners may appreciate the hosts' honesty.

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