Tay To Z: A Taylor Swift Podcast

Devin and Gab

Hosts Devin and Gab chat about Taylor Swift's songs in alphabetical order. From "22" to "You're On Your Own Kid." New episodes every Tuesday! Come hang out!

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Our Editor's Take

Tay to Z: A Taylor Swift Podcast is a show for fans of the musical superstar. One by one, the hosts analyze Taylor Swift's songs in alphabetical order. It's an excellent way to appreciate every piece of music this artist has produced.

Devin and Gab, the show cohosts, are a married couple. The only thing they love more than each other is Swift. As devout fans, they make this podcast for people like them. Here, Swifties unite while assessing the lyrics, the melodies, and everything in between.

A new episode of Tay To Z: A Taylor Swift Podcast comes out every week. The hosts speak about how they relate to the writing or how it made them feel. They also have a segment of the show that discusses the history and possible meaning of the songs. This segment also sees the hosts divulge hidden messages in the lyrics. In the end, they rate the song. Sometimes, the episodes discuss songs out of alphabetical order. They also talk about live Swift concerts.

Listeners join Devin and Gab on their journey into the discography of one of the world's favorite musicians. Beginning at 22 and ending, well, who knows where, it's an ongoing appreciation of Taylor Swift's comprehensive musical catalog. It's a place to relive the feelings and emotions of hearing All Too Well for the first time. It's a chance to discover the meaning behind "Sad, Beautiful, Tragic" and "Never Grow Up." Or, it's an opportunity to hear what other people thought of "Only the Young." Songs like "Anti-Hero," "Renegade," and "Bejeweled" get analyzed here as well.

Tay To Z: A Taylor Swift Podcast is a show made for Taylor Swift fans. But it's also enjoyable for anyone interested in appreciating a well-acclaimed artist.

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