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[Interview] Thad Price, CEO at Talroo
2d ago
59 mins
[InSights] Staffing firms simply cannot ignore these advertising techniques in 2022[Interview] Sara Luchsinger, Vice President of Organizational Development at SEEK Careers/Staffing
Relationships. It’s all about relationships.   How many times have you heard people in the staffing industry say “we’re in a relationship business?” Today’s guest proves how true this really is!  In this episode of Secrets of Staffing Success, we chat with Sara Luchsinger, Vice President of Organizational Development with SEEK Careers.   SEEK has been serving employers and job seekers in Wisconsin and Minnesota for 51 years, and the secret of their ongoing success has been—you guessed it—relationships.   In this show, we discuss:   How industrial staffing companies can thrive in a remote world. Where all the talent has gone and how recruiting today is about more than pay rates. How to compete and win in the new war for retention. How staffing companies can reimagine customer service to create real differentiation. The importance of becoming an employer of choice for local temporary workers. What the best employers are better work with their staffing partners. Keys to success in the next few years…and the best uses of staffing technology. The value of Strength Finders™.   If you’d like to know more about Sara and SEEK, here’s how you can connect:  Connect with Sara on LinkedIn  Visit SEEK Careers    Secrets of Staffing Success is brought to you by Haley Marketing.  At the time of this recording, we discussed DHS and the extension of remote I9 document examination. While the comment period for this legislation closed on 12/27/21, you can learn more at:   https://www.regulations.gov/commenton/USCIS-2021-0022-0001
Jan 12 2022
54 mins
[InSights] The keys to successfully kickstarting 2022[Interview] Tim Jackson, Senior Consultant at Newbury Partners & PPT Partners Group
Technology.   It’s probably the hottest topic in the staffing industry. Well, maybe after recruiting and vaccine mandates.  On this show, Vicki and I chat with Tim Jackson, Principal & Senior Consultant with PPT Partners Group and a Senior Consultant with Newbury Partners, the staffing industry’s leading Bullhorn integrator.   Tim is a 20-year veteran of the staffing industry with a REALLY unique background that includes finance, staffing operations management, and more than six years of technology consulting.  While you might expect Tim to be focused on automation and apps, he brings a very different view on the value of technology in our industry, and on this show, we talk about:  The role of technology as a driver to lower S,G&A costs as a percent of revenue.  How unsexy areas like pay/bill automation may be most ripe for automation. The evolution of RPA and low-code platforms. Why staffing companies must avoid the “shiny object syndrome.” How to estimate the true costs of technology projects (and why companies underestimate so badly). How to best evaluate technology investments – and watch out for stranded costs. The impact of the pandemic on digital transformation and what the most successful companies are doing differently. Keys to avoiding technology project failure. What the future of staffing technology may look like. And best of all, that the machines are not taking over!  Sit back and enjoy a bit of geek talk that could make a big impact on your future success.  Want to know more about staffing technology?   Connect with Tim on LinkedIn  Secrets of Staffing Success is brought to you by Haley Marketing
Dec 29 2021
57 mins
[InSights] Time to put a bow on 2021[Interview] Susie Dietrich, TOPS Staffing
For more than 40 years, TOPS Staffing has survived and thrived through the ups and downs of the economy (and the staffing industry). The key to their success? Being really good at the grass roots! And this family business isn’t just crawling out of the pandemic, it’s sprinting out – achieving record success in multiple divisions of the company.  Today’s guest, Susie Dietrich, is the president of TOPS Staffing. She’s a natural leader who knows how to get things done, and on this episode, Susie talks about the keys to their long-term success—and specifically what they did to make 2021 their best year ever.  Here are a few of the topics we discuss:  Keys to successfully launching a new staffing company and entering into new skill disciplines.  The critical importance of keeping people busy and why being proactive during down times is essential to rebounding faster. The value of structured training for staffing sales professionals and recruiters. And a shout out to our friends at Butler Street! Lessons from 9-11 and the Great Recession…and how the drivers of success back then are the keys to driving growth in the current period of COVID recovery. The new role of sales and recruiting in today’s labor market. And one of the greatest sales lessons we’ve ever heard “now is not always!”    If you’d like to know more about Susie and TOPS Staffing, you can visit the company online at: https://bestinrecruiting.com/   But don’t try to connect with Susie on LinkedIn…she is proudly not on social media!  Secrets of Staffing Success is brought to you by Haley Marketing
Dec 15 2021
49 mins
[InSights] Digital Trends for 2022 and Tips on Effectively Working Remote[Interview] Leslie McIntyre Tavella, Founder of Culpeo HR
Not every staffing executive comes with an Ivy League pedigree. In fact, many of the most successful staffing entrepreneurs had humble beginnings—and created great success through grit, determination, and a lot of street smarts.   Today’s guest, Leslie McIntyre Tavella, is one of these people. As you’ll hear in her story, she grew up in a blue-collar family, leaving high school at age 16 to take on the world.   And boy, has she succeeded.   Leslie has had a 31-year career in the staffing industry. In that time, she founded and grew an award-winning agency serving central Connecticut, CT, wrote a book on the lessons of growing an entrepreneurial company, and founded an HR consulting business training small to midsize employers to become “HR progressive.”  In this episode, Leslie talks with us about her experiences in the staffing industry, the keys to breaking through the ceilings that often constrain small staffing companies, and her remarkable journey to becoming a community and industry leader.  Here are a few of the topics we discuss:  What staffing company owners need to do to build a rock-solid foundation for growth. The importance of having a clear “MVP.” The one-question Leslie trained her team to ask – as question she credits for increasing company revenue 10 to 15 percent each year! What it means to be “HR Progressive” and why companies need to start thinking this way. Reasons to create a “bragable” brand, and why this has become so important for staffing companies and their clients. Rethinking job postings with the HYMN process. Why today is really not a “new normal” and we’re never going back to what was.   If you’d like to know more about Leslie, here’s how you can connect:  Leslie McIntyre on LinkedIn   Culpeo HR website  And don’t miss Leslie’s book, Framing Success.  Here’s the Amazon link
Dec 1 2021
58 mins
[InSights] InMail and Email are Wasting Your Candidates‘ Time[Interview] John-Reed McDonald & Amy Linn, PrideStaff
One of the best things about working in the staffing industry is that you get to help so many people in so many different ways. You really make an impact in people’s lives, and as our guests John-Reed McDonald and Amy Linn from PrideStaff describe it, we are truly in a noble business.  Of course, our business, and our entire industry, has gone through a very challenging period the past two years, and in this episode of Secrets of Staffing Success, we discuss some of those challenges and a few of PrideStaff’s secrets of recruiting success.    Here are some of the highlights of this episode:  Strategies to make referrals your #1 source of talent – by building communities with your candidates. The critical reason why a talent shortage means you have to do more selling! The importance of empathy and making field associates feel supported…and how providing that support directly leads to increased employee retention and higher redeployment rates. The role of technology in staffing to make our industry more human not just more productive. An awesome reminder from Staffing World 2021 that we are in a noble business, and we need to bring that pride to our teams, local communities, and the industry as a whole.    If you’d like to know more about connect with Amy Linn and John-Reed McDonald and learn more about PrideStaff, here’s how you can connect:    Connect with Amy Linn on LinkedIn  Connect with John-Reed McDonald on LinkedIn  Visit PrideStaff’s website    Secrets of Staffing Success is brought to you by Haley Marketing.     A BIT OF A DISCLAIMER:  This podcast was recorded live at Staffing World 2021. It was also our first ever live podcast. While we’re proud to have tried something new, there were definitely some rookie mistakes, and you’ll hear this in the quality of the audio. So please excuse the background noise and a little inconsistency in the mic input, and enjoy the terrific wisdom shared by Amy and John-Reed!
Nov 17 2021
38 mins
[Interview] Amy Giessinger & Scott Morefield
What happens when you put four marketers in a room (or in this case curtain walled booth at Staffing World) and let them go?  You get a fun, inspired, and yeah, a little marketing biased discussion about the ins and outs of marketing (and recruiting) in the staffing industry.  Our guests for this show, Amy Giessinger, Vice President of Marketing at Doherty | The Employment Experts and Dahl Consulting, and Scott Morefield, Marketing Director for Luttrell Staffing Group are two really smart marketers with different, yet complimentary views on the role and value of marketing in the staffing industry.  Here are some of the highlights of this episode:   The evolution of marketing in the staffing industry and essential role it now plans in providing a voice to leadership teams in staffing organizations. How to start, build, and structure an internal marketing team (and when to get outside help!) Strategies to get marketing to work most effectively with salespeople and recruiters. The importance of ensuring that your marketing message echoes your company’s core values and mission. The impact of COVID on marketing (and recruiting) strategies.  If you’d like to know more about connect with Amy Giessinger and Scott Morefield and learn more about their companies, here’s how you can connect:    Connect with Amy  Amy Giessinger on LinkedIn  Doherty website  Dahl Consulting website    Connect with Scott  Scott Morefield on LinkedIn  Luttrell Staffing Group website    Secrets of Staffing Success is brought to you by Haley Marketing.     If you’re a staffing industry marketer—or looking to create a marketing strategy for your staffing firm, download a copy of our Strategic Vision Workbook. You can get the workbook at:  https://www.haleymarketing.com/haley-resources/ebooks/    A BIT OF A DISCLAIMER:  This podcast was recorded live at Staffing World 2021. It was also our third ever live podcast. And as with our other live recordings, there were a few audio issues. So, please excuse the background noise and a little inconsistency in the mic input, and enjoy the terrific wisdom shared by Amy and Scott!
Nov 12 2021
53 mins
[InSights] Get More ROI from Your Recruitment Budget[Interview] Brad Block, Chief Operations Officer of Staffing the Universe
Nov 3 2021
44 mins
[InSights] I have $1,000,000 in open job orders...HELP![InSights] Recapping Staffing World 2021[Interview] Aaron Grossman, CEO of Talent Launch
How much are you looking to grow your business? 10% 20% Maybe even 50%  Today’s guest, Aaron Grossman is looking to scale his staffing business to $1 billion dollars over the next seven years! He’s executing a bold vision to create a national staffing company, but one with a very different growth strategy.   Rather than opening lots of branch offices or trying to become the next UBER of staffing, his model is focused on buying…and growing…small staffing companies. He’s providing the resources and infrastructure that staffing companies need to drive substantial growth and effectively compete in the coming years.   In today’s episode, Aaron talks to us about his vision, the critical importance of culture (and his very unique take on bringing culture to life), the value of big thinking, and what his company, TalentLaunch, is doing to build a platform to drive growth for the operating companies he’s acquiring.  Here are a few of the topics we discuss:   A powerful and unrelenting focus on culture Big thinking Developing a platform to drive growth for operating companies Building a system for creating business intelligence…and a data driven organization Technology to supercharge processes  Elevating marketing to a strategic role Having the courage to reinvent the business (people and process) as the business grows and not be tied to legacy thinking  If you’d like to know more about TalentLaunch and their culture and vision, check out their website at https://www.mytalentlaunch.com.  And if you’re interested in connecting with Aaron, or possibly becoming part of the TalentLaunch organization, connect with Aaron on LinkedIn.
Oct 6 2021
1 hr 6 mins
[InSights] Your Employer Brand is Impacting Your Applications[Interview] David Searns and Victoria Kenward, Co-CEOs of Haley Marketing
25 years ago, Haley Marketing was launched.     Over the past quarter century, the company has grown from a two-person start-up to an industry leader with 60 employees providing marketing and technology services to more than 1,400 staffing and recruiting firms around the world.    However, the journey was anything but a straight path!    In this episode of Secrets of Staffing Success, our Co-CEOs, Victoria Kenward and David Searns, share the story of Haley Marketing’s founding, a few lessons of survival, and the critical factors that lead to the company’s success over the years.      Highlights of this episode include:     The importance of having clear, shared company values…and integrating those values into hiring, management, and day-to-day decision making.   Understanding the difference between putting the right people on the bus and defining the right seats on the bus. David explains how getting that wrong led to the darkest day in the company’s history.   The value of caring for your people, focusing on strengths, and helping team members to realize their dreams—even when those dreams are not with your company.    How having the courage to scrap legacy thinking, reinvent business models, and take the first step into uncharted waters was essential for survival.   Realizing that ignorance can be a blessing and having a willingness (and optimism!) to take on new challenges can lead to unexpected opportunities.   The value of saying “Sure, we can do that.”   Plus, Vicki and David share their views about the near team future of your “marketing stack” and the potential opportunities from cutting edge technologies likely to be impacting the staffing industry in the next three to five years.      Connect with David Searns and Victoria Kenward on LinkedIn and learn more about Haley Marketing.    To listen to the SMART IDEAS Summit recordings,   visit https://www.haleymarketing.com/25bash
Sep 22 2021
53 mins
[InSights] Are SEO and PPC the Corona and Lime of Digital Marketing?