Making Action Happen

Sara Blackhurst with Brian McCain

Making Action Happen is a show about the Action22 members and communities. The show introduces you to Colorado community leaders, elected officials, and individuals to gain perspective on their ideas and experiences. While Action22 works on public policy from the rural space, we explore which perspectives are driven by political party lines and which ones are not. Specifically, we focus on and discuss topics that have ongoing and immediate impact on our communities, and by extension other communities like ours. The purpose is to help you find insight and solutions relevant to what you are working on, regardless of where you are in the world.
COL(R) Bob McLaughlin, Mt. Carmel Veterans Service CenterWhat to Expect in 2022 From the Colorado LegislatureKevin Wilkin - Real Talk on Economic Development, Broadband SLVSara and Brian Talk PoliticsFighting Wildland FiresSara and Brian Talk ShopVeterans DayEverything SolarMaking Action Happen - October 28th, 2021Making Action Happen - October 21st, 2021CU President Todd SalimanBrian returns, talks veterans and lifeLong Handled and Short Handled Hoes w/Colorado Farm BureauColorado Ag Commissioner Kate GreenbergRandy Thurston Joins Us to Talk About Entertainment DistrictsSara in AlaskaLuiz Gustavo Dos SantosKaren Foglesong, ED Pueblo Art AllianceAndrew Merritt Discusses RedistrictingSara and Brian