Speaking of Cults

Chris Shelton

A podcast about cults, coercive control and recovery. Formerly called the Sensibly Speaking podcast, in this weekly show host Chris Shelton interviews cult survivors, psychologists and other professionals and specialists about the topics of cult recruitment, retention and recovery. read less

Our Editor's Take

Speaking of Cults offers a revealing exploration of cults. The fascinating podcast's interviews and discussions highlight the dangers of cultism. Some stories shared by former cult members and cult recovery experts are heartbreaking.

Conversations on the podcast address cults' anatomy, hierarchy, and indoctrination tricks. Why do people relinquish critical thinking for coercive control? What happens in the aftermath of leaving a cult? The podcast answers these questions and many more. It explores everything from NXIVM conspiracy theories to exposés on cult leaders.

Chris Shelton is perhaps the best candidate for hosting a podcast like this one. After all, he was part of the Church of Scientology for 27 years. Scientology gained notoriety because of several high-profile scandals. One involves Hollywood's Leah Remini leaving the church. She had been a member since childhood.

The host left Scientology in 2012, a year before Remini's exit. Chris appears in Leah's documentary about life during and after Scientology. After exiting the Church, Chris became an anti-cult activist. He speaks about his experience on the podcast and in several interviews.

The podcast addresses everything from destructive cult activities to cult recovery. Sociologists, cult psychologists, anti-cultism advocates, and former cult members join the show. They share detailed stories and insights about cultism.

Former Scientologist Mirriam Francis discusses her experience in one epsiode. In another, audiences learn how guest Dr. Janja Lalich used to be part of a political cult. Her ordeal started in her early 30s and lasted ten years. The retired sociology professor revealed that she toiled 20 hours a day. A New York-based cult clinic helped Dr. Janja overcome the years of abuse in the cult.

Speaking of Cults has a plethora of information and resources. It's also a fascinating listen for anyone interested in learning about cults. The podcast's previous title was The Sensibly Speaking Podcast. New episodes are available on Saturdays.

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