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The Park Predators podcast trailer opens with the peaceful sounds of nature. Birds chirp, creeks burble, and leaves rustle in the breeze. The opening lulls listeners into the peace and grandeur of the natural world. But humans make this world dangerous in ways nature lovers do not expect. Hikers learn how to watch for those who might harm them. Bears and mountain lions are the usual suspects. But there are other dangers.

Park Predators host Delia D'Ambra tells frightening stories of human predators and prey. Cases on the show take place in North America's national parks and beyond. Serial killers are the obvious suspects. Yet loved ones often commit these heinous crimes. Nature's serenity can hide the human danger that lurks in the shadows.

This true crime podcast promises listeners harrowing tales. As an investigative journalist, Delia knows how to search for the truth. In Park Predators, she uses this skill to analyze cases that have haunted the nation. Listeners may know her from other similar podcasts. These include CounterClock, Dark Arenas, and Crime Junkies.

Delia reveals the secrets behind recent crimes and cold cases. Tragedies occur from Wayne National Park to the African Congo and everywhere in between. The horrific crimes in their own nearby parks might alarm listeners. One episode tells the story of backpackers in the Australian highlands. Fellow hikers found bodies protruding from shallow graves. The number of actual victims remains a mystery. But serial killer Ivan Milat destroyed the lives of at least seven young adventurers.

Another grim but fascinating tale reveals the horrific murder of a Canadian couple. A killer shot the park ranger and his wife right outside their mountain home. Despite 90 years of effort, the police could not find the suspect. In this episode, Delia investigates a longstanding rumor. Police still think the suspect himself ripped pages out of an important journal. Where are these pages, and did the killer take them? What revelations do they hold? Answering these questions and more, Park Predators captivates listeners from start to finish.

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NEW SEASON: CounterClock
May 11 2023
NEW SEASON: CounterClock
When 57-year-old Bruce Cucchiara was gunned down in the parking lot of a New Orleans East apartment complex in 2012 his murder devastated his family and stumped law enforcement. The father and business man seemed to be well-liked and on a positive path as he coasted toward retirement. He was also worth $5 million in life insurance. For more than a year CounterClock's Delia D'Ambra has investigated the case and unraveled a web of bizarre information and circumstances about his life and those who benefitted from his death. The geographical and political setting of the murder has a dark history of corruption, fraud and violence and at every turn Delia discovers Bruce's complicated business life may have put him in the crosshairs of several bad actors. From allegations of a setup and ties to organized crime to Bruce being a key witness in a multi-million-dollar lawsuit to random robbery...each scenario is something the New Orleans Police Department can't rule out. Now, 11 years after his brutal slaying the questions still remain, who murdered Bruce? Why was he even in New Orleans East? Where is the murder weapon? Delia has discovered new information, tracked down witnesses and revealed secrets within the victim's closest circle that will blow this unsolved case wide open. CounterClock Season 5 is the most extensive and explosive investigation to-date with more than two dozen interviews and over a thousand documents that tell a stranger-than-fiction story about a very real crime. Binge all 14 episodes on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts.  Park Predators is an audiochuck production. Connect with us on social media:Instagram: @audiochuckTwitter: @audiochuckFacebook: /audiochuckllcTikTok: @audiochuck