A Dash of Science

Christopher Birkinbine

A Dash of Science is a podcast and Science Communication Initiative where we discuss science, engineering, technology, education and even history through the lens of science and logic in a way that everyone can participate and understand. Often times we bring in experts in the field of interest to discuss with us to help get the right information to you! You can view information about our community impact (which includes our pledge for social impact) here: https://cbirkinbine.info/community-impact/ Guest host Bio's: https://cbirkinbine.info/contributor-profiles/ Music Credit: Current: The current music for the podcast was written and produced by GhostTube Music, which you can find at https://soundcloud.com/oscar-lindberg1 Past: Episodes 1-14 The music used in these episodes is used under a Creative Commons license. If you like the music you can visit the musicians site, Brad Sucks at http://www.bradsucks.net/music/ read less