Castle to Castle Podcast

Ron, Jen & Emily

Castle to Castle is a podcast that caters to Disney and travel enthusiasts. This podcast is hosted by RJ, Emily, and Jen, who are all passionate about Disney and travel. With their combined knowledge and experience, they offer valuable insights and entertaining discussions on everything related to these topics.

One of the standout features of Castle to Castle is its focus on Disney Park culture. The hosts discuss popular Disney snacks, attractions, and hidden gems that visitors might otherwise overlook. They also offer advice for making the most of your time in the parks, such as how to avoid crowds and which rides are worth the wait.

Listeners can expect to hear RJ, Emily, and Jen share their personal stories and opinions, making the podcast feel like a conversation with friends. They provide helpful tips and tricks for navigating Disney parks, including how to avoid crowds and the best times to visit popular attractions.

In addition to their coverage of Disney parks, the hosts also delve into other areas of travel, including destination recommendations and reviews of hotels and restaurants. They share their own travel experiences and offer insights for anyone planning their next trip.

Overall, Castle to Castle is a fun and informative podcast that's perfect for Disney and travel enthusiasts. With the hosts' unique perspectives and wealth of knowledge, listeners are sure to come away with new insights and ideas for their own travel experiences.

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Episode 13 - Talking Holiday Food, Hacks, Tips & Tricks
Nov 14 2023
Episode 13 - Talking Holiday Food, Hacks, Tips & Tricks
Introduction:Join hosts Ron, Jen, and Emily on a festive journey through the latest enchanting updates in the Disney universe in this special episode of Castle to Castle Podcast. From tantalizing holiday treats to an epic Mickey-themed challenge and a treasure trove of insider Disney tips, this episode promises a whirlwind of Disney magic.Segment 1: Holiday Foodie Guide to Walt Disney WorldThe trio dives into the tantalizing world of Disney's Holiday Foodie Guide to Walt Disney World. Ron, Jen, and Emily explore the delectable offerings, sharing their top picks and hidden gems. They discuss the seasonal delights across the parks, sharing their personal experiences and must-try treats that are sure to add a sprinkle of festive cheer to any Disney visit.Segment 2: New Game - Where in Disney World is MickeyJen and Emily take center stage in an exhilarating head-to-head challenge: "Where in Disney World is Mickey." The hosts engage in a thrilling competition, testing their Disney knowledge and observational skills as they race to spot Mickey's hiding spots throughout the magical park. With laughter and surprises along the way, this game adds an extra dash of fun and friendly rivalry to the episode.Segment 3: Disney Hacks, Tips, and TricksIn the final segment, the hosts share their ultimate Disney hacks, tips, and tricks garnered from their collective experiences. Ron, Jen, and Emily delve into a lively discussion, unveiling insider secrets and lesser-known strategies for maximizing the Disney experience. From navigating crowds to snagging the best spots for parades and fireworks, the hosts offer invaluable advice to listeners, elevating their future Disney visits.Conclusion:As the episode draws to a close, Ron, Jen, and Emily bid farewell, leaving listeners enchanted and equipped with a treasure trove of Disney wisdom. They encourage everyone to continue exploring the magical world of Disney, spreading joy and creating unforgettable memories.Tune in to Castle to Castle Podcast's latest episode for an adventure filled with holiday delights, playful competition, and a wealth of Disney insights!
Enchanted Updates and Dream Resorts: Castle to Castle Podcast, Episode 12 - October 24
Oct 24 2023
Enchanted Updates and Dream Resorts: Castle to Castle Podcast, Episode 12 - October 24
Join us for an enchanting ride through the latest Disney updates and exhilarating showdowns on the twelfth episode of Castle to Castle Podcast! Hosts Ron and Emily are joined by the effervescent and knowledgeable Julia, who brings an extra dash of pixie dust to the table.In this episode, the trio delves into the much-anticipated reopening of Pixar Hotel and the exhilarating news surrounding the grand reopening of Blizzard Beach. With an eye for detail and a passion for all things Disney, the hosts provide an in-depth analysis of the updates, offering insights into what these developments mean for the park's future.Hold onto your mouse ears as Ron and Julia battle head-to-head in an electrifying character-guessing game, testing their Disney prowess and knowledge. From classic characters to obscure references, this segment promises thrills and surprises that will keep you at the edge of your seat.But the excitement doesn't stop there. Stay tuned as the three hosts embark on an imaginative journey, designing their dream resort at Disney World. From magical amenities to breathtaking attractions, they explore every facet of their ultimate Disney haven, leaving no detail unturned.Don't miss this captivating episode that's brimming with laughter, friendly competition, and a shared love for the most magical place on earth. Tune in now to join Ron, Emily, and the vivacious Julia for an unforgettable Disney adventure on Castle to Castle Podcast.