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S2 Ep4 - Work/Life Balance Revisited
Jul 25 2021
23 mins
Mental Stress & Mental Health Awareness in Digital Forensics
Cyber Security and Digital Evidence Acquisition & Analysis are two critical fields when it comes to our future, yet far too few undergraduate and graduate programs exist for the latter; specifically the fastest growing sub-discipline of the latter, Digital Multimedia Evidence.As a pioneer of Digital & Multimedia Forensics I've literally spent thousands upon thousands of hours critically reviewing horrific video, image and other digital evidence.  Child exploitation, homicides, terrorism, organized crime and more.  Some of the worst of the worst, from around the world.Courage. Commitment. Sacrifice. Humanity.I thought I could bottle it up, like my PTSD gifted by the U.S. Army.  Nope, nobody can, IMHO, at least not forever.  That's why I've created a memorial scholarship in honor of the two men that passed on their empathy, enormous hearts, and incredible courage to me; my brother and my dad (Jr. & Sr.). The Paul F. Compton Sholarship for Excellence in Digital ForensicsI'm so honored to be in this position. It wasn't easy. I couldn't retire from a single agency. I wasn't home when either of them passed away.Maybe when you can, you'll consider dropping a few bucks to support my dad & brother's legacy.We will be making DFIR & Forensic Multimedia Evidence Training more accessible & attainable for BOTH the public & private sectors. We will also...Set out to pay for one (1) 4-year BS and/or 2-year MS full-ride per year to leading institutions in the field, such as Marshall University.Promote the education & implementation of annual Mental Stress & Mental Health resources & evaluations in digital forensics.Agressively pursue accreditation for any/all certification programs related to DME.Pursue corporate & government sponsorship/recognition.Release a detailed report annually, as required by law for our anticipated Social Purpose Corporation (SPC) status.** NOTE: Currently registered as a sole proprietor in WA, with an asigned Federal EIN of  46-3092870We are also currently exploring adminstrative options regarding awarding of the funds with Marshall University. Several related organizations have already reached out with "morale" support, such as the IAI, NYSP, FBI, RCMP, and more.  WAYS YOU CAN HELPDID YOU KNOW that if every member of  our professional community donated $1.00 per week ($52/yr) we'd exceed our goal of $150K  per year(!)?  - Donate to the scholarship, when circumstances permit.- Help raise awareness of the scholarship by promoting via your website, email, social media & text- Join our Scholarship GoFundMe Team! Track how much you've personally raised, post updates to our supporters and visitors, and more.- Encourage employer and/or organizational support of our scholarship; have them add our widget to their siteSharing is caring, and I'm no longer on most social media platforms, so anything you can do to spread the word there would be helpful. Visit https://dmeresources.com to learn more about me, our ~20 year-old Professional Community of over 2,300 verified law enforcement & forensic multimedia analysis members, and our new scholarship program .  Thanks for considering helping us, help others!Support the show (https://www.gofundme.com/f/dme-resources-scholarship)
Jun 6 2021
1 min
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