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MindHack is a podcast by Cody McLain that seeks to break down the routines, habits, mindset, and ideologies of successful people, scientific studies, and popular books. This is a self-help podcast dedicating to finding out the keys to success, happiness, and limitless productivity.
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Today we’re interviewing somebody who is incredibly focused, driven, and ambitious from an early age. He’s a polyglot who speaks 5 languages, and is on the top echelons of the Oracle marketing department, serving as a Digital Marketing Manager whose team supports an annual budget of $210M here. He has a significant influence on Oracle’s North America Marketing success, and it's in no small part due to his drive to succeed and get shit done.Apart from delivering on a budget that is larger than the revenue of most of the world’s companies, he also launched his own unique startup called Univoice, which combines our love and taste for music with language learning, and hopes to make it easier for millions to pick up a new language at a much faster rate.His name is Sami Halabi and he’s one of the smartest people I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing. He’s had a myriad of achievements in managing Sales & Marketing teams for companies that have gone on to have tremendous growth. His current team at Oracle is ranked as the top 1 of 8 most productive North American Software Sales Organizations.In this episode, Sami shares his thoughts on marketing, managing a team of people, the science of language learning, what it means to be happy and productive, but most importantly, he offers some applicable advice on how to get out there, overcome mental hurdles, and grow at a rapid pace by expanding the size of your asks and your network.This is a fast-paced episode without much breathing, and with tons of golden nuggets, so you might want to scale back your playback speed because there’s a ton to learn and digest from a very smart person.For full episode information visit: https://www.mindhack.com/episode/sami-halabi
Oct 3 2019
1 hr 6 mins
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