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Join Leslie Andrachuk, Founder and CEO of Alpha Woman as she interviews women leaders from around the globe. Included in this series is our breakthrough interview series with Young Alphas, hosted by Gabby Samson.

Personal Finance and Investment Guru Tara MurphyJanice Bartley, Supporting Diverse Food Entrepreneurs With Foodpreneur Lab
Today's interview is with Janice Bartley, the founder and executive director of the nonprofit Foodpreneur Lab. Her personal mission is to level the playing field and open doors in underserved communities for ‘would be’ and established food entrepreneurs. Founded January 2019, Foodpreneur Lab was created to tackle systemic barriers head on and pioneer new approaches to creating access for those historically prevented from fully participating in the food sector. Foodpreneur Lab is the only Canadian Black-woman founded and led non-profit organization with a fierce national mandate to support underserved communities and address systemic barriers in the food ecosystem.Foodpreneur Lab is a team made up of diverse entrepreneurs and experts in the food sector. We are led by Janice Bartley who draws on her 30 years of lived experience in food and entrepreneurship to create access, and open doors that have historically been closed to underserved communities.Janice brings a wealth of experience into the food sector as a former Operations Manager in Culinary & Hospitality management. Her 30+ years as an entrepreneur brought her to Food Starter as part of the Management team. She has mentored many young and experienced Chefs in the food industry and has been able to transition those mentoring skills to food entrepreneurs. Janice has worked with community based Organizations, such as JumpStart Refugee Talent and Ryerson Diversity Institute both support women entrepreneurs and newcomers. Listen to the interview with this inspiring Social Entrepreneur today!Timestamps:Start of interview (3:37)The origins of The Foodpreneur (4:12)Challenges that women of color face when entering the food industry (8:46)About "food accountability" (11:32)Foodprenuer and underrepresented communites (16:28)Supporting local food sources (22:40)What can a new participant to Foodpreneur expect? (31;55)How the pandemic has effected business (34:19)Tips for women entrepreneurs (37:47)How do you define an Alpha Woman? (43:17)Show Notes:Foodpreneur social media:INSTAGRAM: @foodpreneurlabFACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/foodpreneurlab
Mar 25 2022
45 mins
Pam Martin McDonald on Motherhood, Holistic Healing, Entrepreneurship, Mental Health
Pam Martin McDonald is a “Naturotherapist” with the ANN, and a Holistic Health Practitioner in St. John’s, Newfoundland. She is the Founder of Meridian Health & Wellness, a virtual holistic health platform that serves a community across North America.Pam is a passionate mental health advocate who believes in whole body health, achieved and maintained by addressing the mental, physical and spiritual elements of the self. Her entry into better health was sparked by motherhood. She started with physical health with a mommy and baby workout class and 6 months later dove into the highly competitive world of fitness competitions. She is now a retired, professionally trained and award-winning bodybuilder, having competed and placed in 5 of the bodybuilding competitions entered, in two federations both locally and nationally.She is a certified personal trainer (Canfit Pro), she developed and taught live online circuit training programs, fitness classes, group transformation programs, nutritional coaching, private and group sessions in Yin Yoga (Satori Yoga, NB), Yoga Nidra (Shakti Yoga NL), Healthy Weight Loss Coach (CanFit Pro), Kids and Family Yoga (Karma Kids NY), Essential Oils and Natural Health Coaching (doTerra Int.), Meditation Teacher (The Lotus Center, NL), and Restorative Yoga (Andrea Peloso), Reiki Practioner (Reiki On the Rock). Pam has a passion for helping others overcome doubt, unhealthy patterns and improving mental health. She is a public speaker, wellness presenter, personal development coach, self-care program facilitator, and has offered wellness retreats both privately and corporately. Show Notes:Start of interview (1:48)The inspiration behind the many paths Pam has taken (8:40) Pam's holistic health journey (20:37)When Pam discovered yoga (29:57)About shifting to online classes during the pandemic (33:30)Children participation in yoga and holistic health (42:02)New products and/or services at Meridian Health & Wellness (46:37)How do you define an Alpha Woman? (50:09)Meridian websiteSign up for the upcoming Meridian Vision Board WorkshopSupport Alpha Woman by becoming a member.Follow us on social media @alphawomanco
Jan 21 2022
52 mins
Cynthia Labelle, (a.k.a "Mama") on Founding a Licensed Cannabis Cultivation BusinessDr. LJ Rose on Holistic Living, Food as Medicine, and Living With Intention
LindaJoy Rose, PhD is a therapist, author, professional speaker, international trainer, and healthy living expert with over 25 years of experience. As the former Director of International Development for the American Board of Hypnotherapy, she is a pioneer in the field of subconscious dynamics and clinical hypnotherapy, implementing training and certification in many countries across Europe, Latin America and Asia.She is the author of eight books, including Your Mind: The Owner’s Manual and Raw Fusion Living: Recipes for Healthy Eating, Natural Weight Loss and Anti-Aging. With a grant from the Astra-Zeneca Foundation, Rose successfully launched a healthy lifestyle retraining program at one of the nation’s largest and most respected clinics. Having overcome a debilitating auto-immune disorder through lifestyle changes and self-care, she subsequently developed a practical and delicious eating philosophy and teaches popular classes with food demonstrations, world-wide.In 2013 she launched the Natural Wellness Academy with certifications in Holistic Health and Life Coaching and Clinical Hypnotherapy and has students in 27 countries and over a dozen cutting edge coaching specializations all with a holistic (mind/body/spirit) approachThe daughter of two Holocaust survivors, Dr. Rose is also a volunteer docent at the Florida Holocaust Museum and resides in Tampa, Florida with her husband and 4 furry companions.Show Lineup:Start of interview (3:18)About hypnotherapy (6:17)The Hypno-Potential system L.J. developed (12:58)Addressing childhood trauma with hypnotherapy (14:26)Food as medicine (17:12)What is raw fusion? (24:39)Thoughts on reincarnation (31:00)The Natural Wellness Academy (37:14)Florida Holocaust Museum (47:18)L.J.'s self-care routine (58:53)Show Notes:Visit the Natural Wellness Academy website.Support Alpha Woman by becoming a member.Follow us on social media @alphawomanco for updates.
Jan 6 2022
1 hr 4 mins
Empowering Girls and Young Women to Become Tomorrow’s Leaders – Interview With Hon. Dr. Jean Augustine and Emma Asiedu-Akrof
On today's show, Leslie Andrachuk has the tremendous honour to interview the Hon. Dr. Jean Augustine and Emma Asiedu-Akrof, Executive Director of the Jean Augustine Centre for Young Women's Empowerment. The Hon. Dr. Augustine was born in Grenada and immigrated to Canada in 1960 where studied at the University of Toronto and obtained a BA and a Masters of Education. After university she worked as an elementary school principal with the Toronto Separate School Board and was also actively involved in Toronto's Caribbean community, sitting on the first committee to organize the legendary Caribana Festival in 1967.This incredible trailblazer has engaged in numerous organizations for education and social justice, serving with the National Black Coalition of Canada, the Urban Alliance on Race Relations, the Board of Governors of York University, the Board of Trustees for The Hospital for Sick Children, the Board of Directors of the Donwood Institute, the Board of Harbourfront, and Chair of the Metro Toronto Housing Authority. She was also named National President of the Congress of Black Women of Canada in 1987.Additionally, the Hon. Dr. Augustine is the first African-Canadian woman to be elected to the House of Commons. She was elected in the riding of Etobicoke-Lakeshore in 1993 and sat in Parliament until 2006 after which she served as Fairness Commissioner for the Government of Ontario.Among Dr. Augustine’s many achievements and honours includes leading the motion that allowed for the placement of the Famous Five statue on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, and the motion that created Black History Month in Canada. Dr. Augustine has received honorary Doctor of Laws degrees from seven universities. And the reason for our interview today; she is the Founder of the Jean Augustine Centre for Young Women's Empowerment. The Jean Augustine Centre is committed to empowering young women and girls between the ages of 7-17 years from across Canada.  The centre takes a holistic approach to empowerment by providing programs that support the mental, physical, and social wellbeing of young women and girls. We’re also joined by The Executive director of JAC since 2016, Emma Asiedu-Akrof who is dedicated to supporting the young women and girls of South Etobicoke and across Canada. Emma’s career path reflects a deep commitment to celebrating gender equality, empowerment of self-identified females, and youth-based programming. Show Notes:The Jean Augustine Centre is seeking  volunteers committed to the empowerment of young women and girls. Please reach out if you would like to contact the Centre about volunteering.Follow The Jean Augustine Centre on Instagram, Facebook, TwitterStart of interview (3:40)Programming at the Jean Augustine Centre (8:01)The importance of expanding the centre and reaching out to other communities (12:10)Imposter Syndrome in women and confidence-building curriculum (17:43)Partnership with License To Learn (24:25)The importance of mental health in our youth (26:25)What's coming in 2022 for the Jean Augustine Centre? (38:53)How do you define an Alpha Woman (45:12)
Dec 9 2021
48 mins
Julie Cole, Recovered Lawyer, Mom of Six and Co-Founder of Mabel’s Labels
On today’s show we interview Julie Cole, recovered lawyer, mom of six and co-founder of Mabel’s Labels. Mabel’s Labels is the best-known brand of durable labels for families, featuring products such as baby bottle labels, allergy and medical alert products, sports labels, household labels and seasonal items. Frustrated by their children’s things getting lost, mixed up and leaving home never to return, Julie Cole, Julie Ellis, Cynthia Esp and Tricia Mumby knew they could do better than the scribbles on masking tape that were being passed off as labels. From there, the idea for the product was born: the very best personalized waterproof name labels and tags that were equally cute and durable. Mabel’s Labels started humbly out of a basement and has grown to be an award-winning, market-leading company loved by Moms and kids alike.Today, Mabel’s Labels is the best-known brand of durable labels for families, and our growing line of products features baby bottle labels, allergy and medical alert products, sports labels, household labels and seasonal items. They’re extremely durable, they’re laundry, dishwasher and microwave safe – and they’re 100% guaranteed.Julie has helped her company bring their product to a worldwide market, gain media recognition and she has won countless awards. Cole is a passionate entrepreneur, writer, and sought after speaker. When she’s not juggling her busy family and professional life, Julie is an engaged community member serving on boards and volunteering. She is passionate about women’s issues, mentoring young entrepreneurs, and social justice. Thank you to today’s sponsor Manscaped. Don’t forget to go to Manscaped.com to get your 20% off by using the code Alpha Woman. Review and rate our podcast and follow us on social media @alphawomanco wherever you are. Thanks for tuning in, stay safe out there dear Alpha Women!Notes:Start of interview (3:23)Julie on being a mother of 6 (6:40)What have some of the highlights been during the building of Mabel's Labels? (12:50)What were your biggest challenges in starting Mabel's Labels? (20:34)Actionable insights for Alpha Woman entrepreneurs (26:31)What's next for Julie? (30:25)How do you define an Alpha Woman? (31:43)Mabel’s Labels: https://mabelslabels.cahttps://www.instagram.com/mabelslabels/?hl=enhttps://www.facebook.com/Mabelhood/https://twitter.com/mabelhoodhttps://www.pinterest.ca/mabelslabels/_created/
Dec 1 2021
33 mins
Interview with Honor McLachlin, Chief Operating Officer, Beacon Hill Brands
On today’s Alpha Woman Show we welcome Honor McLachlin, Chief Operating Officer of Beacon Hill Brands, a company dedicated to enhancing the lives of consumers by building brands using innovative technology that benefit the environment and communities where they operate. Beacon Hill Brands is an expert in developing and utilizing award-winning, breakthrough and eco-friendly technologies. They are expanding their vision into an all-natural lifestyle-oriented house-of-brands, alongside turn-key white label solutions. Their consumer brands include Tea of a Kind, Beastmode by Marshawn Lynch, Dosable and the recently launched Kalvara, which is a cannabis-infused beverage.Honor is a seasoned marketing professional, from running the daily operations of Dream Water Canada and now, Beacon Hill Brands. With 20+ years of agency/client experience, Honor is a strong communicator and relationship builder with extensive project and account management experience, who drives results through leadership, maturity, and a consultative approach. Honor’s expertise includes managing operational costs, ensuring excellent customer service, improving administration processes, engaging with vendors, hiring and training employees, while monitoring financial activities of the business. We're eager to interview Honor, a skilled and deeply experience CPG marketer who is taking her significant skills and experience from the CPG world into a company that is focusing on sustainability and innovation.Follow Kalvara InstagramShow Notes:Start of interview (1:47)About Beacon Hill Brands' products (3:41)What is Vessl technology? (6:38)How does the body process Kalvara Cannabis Beverage? (11:51)Advice for those consuming a cannabis beverage for the first time (14:08)The difference in marketing and labelling a cannabis beverage in Canada vs, the United States (19:38)Honor's biggest challenges at Beacon Hill Brands' (25:23)What's next from Beacon Hill Brands and Kalvara? (27:30)How does Honor define being an Alpha Woman (31:13)
Nov 18 2021
33 mins
Interview with Samantha Marchione, Co-Founder Nuveev Health and Wellness
On today’s Alpha Woman Show we welcome Samantha Marchione. Sam is the co-founder and product development manager at Nuveev,  a brand new CBD-infused Health and Wellness brand that includes a skincare and a beverage line.She has brought a wealth of experience in skincare and beauty from previous roles in Nordstrom and Sephora where she ran the beauty department and trained staff on sales, artistry and customer service for brands like Tom Ford, Jo Malone, Chanel and Dior as well as Clinique, Nars, Estee Lauder and Bobbi Brown. Alongside her responsibilities for Nuveev she is still acting as a freelance makeup artist, skin specialist, and educator at colleges across Ontario. Nuveev is the health and wellness brand that empowers consumers to discover the best of natural beauty and the everyday benefits of proactive cannabis use. Representing a new era of skincare innovation, Nuveev’s thoughtfully formulated products pair antioxidant rich plant derivatives with the restorative properties of cannabidiol (CBD) to help Canadians achieve all of their beauty and wellness goals. Samantha is a dynamic Young Alpha who come to us with all sorts of knowledge on all the things related to cannabinoids, CBD beauty and skincare, so buckle up and get your notepads out, because we’re super eager to learn more!Show Notes:Start of interview (2:13)About CBD skincare products (4:19)Nuveev's solution to dry skin in the Winter (10:41)Advice for consumers looking for CBD skincare products (14:29)Hempseed oil vs. CBD (15:48)Nuveev's safety and efficacy (18:07)New products coming soon (23:38)Samantha's self-care routine (25:03)How does Samantha define being an Alpha Woman? (26:13)Find out more about Nuveev and where to purchase it hereFollow Nuveev on Instagram and TwitterSamantha’s LinkedInFollow Alpha Woman on social media @alphawomanco
Nov 11 2021
32 mins
Kristy Skwaruk, Building a Leading Company as VP, Operations, Regulatory Affairs and People at Dynaleo.
Today on the Alpha Woman show we welcome Kristy Skwaruk, the VP, Operations, Regulatory Affairs and People at Dynaleo. Dynaleo is an Edmonton, Alberta-based licensed processor that is focused on manufacturing cannabis-infused adult soft-chews. Dynaleo's purpose-built manufacturing plant contains specialized production equipment to produce precisely dosed cannabinoid infused edibles for the Canadian market. Dynaleo’s mission is to create the finest infused soft chews that enable consumers to enjoy cannabinoids, without the negative health effects of inhalation.Respected as a credible voice in decision making and as a change champion, Kristy utilizes her passion for coaching and development to grow leaders and assist others in extending their thinking -inspiring action and driving results in all areas of the business.  Her proven capability of improving capacity, growth and transformation as a seasoned People and Culture professional has made it easy for her to expand her role at Dynaleo to include Operations, Regulatory Affairs and People.  In this role, Kristy – along with the senior leadership team – has built a high potential team and led them to become the largest Canadian producer of cannabis soft chews in Canada. Kristy is a forward-thinking operations executive, with a passion for driving efficiency and accountability while ensuring the wellbeing and growth of employees.  This has enabled her to streamline processes to ensure the on-time delivery of quality product to our customers while applying analytics that drive the business forward. Committed to innovation in business operations, she challenges the product development team to continuously find new ways to stretch the limits of making soft chews using creative flavours and formulations.  Previously, Kristy held People and Culture roles in large global companies and small privately held businesses in the manufacturing, construction, utility, and hospitality industries for the past 18 years. Her passion for wellness and drive for change ultimately led her to the Cannabis industry.  Her breadth of experience has enabled her to adapt quickly to the fast paced and ever-changing landscape of the world of cannabis in Canada.Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Kristy and her husband Peter give back to the community through the Benny Brave Kids with Cancer Foundation.  When they are not busy serving on community program boards or volunteering for their children’s activities, they enjoy travelling the world as a family.Timestamps:Introduction to Kristy Start of interview (3:28)The difference between gummies and soft chews (8:24)Dynaleo's status as Canada's largest producer of cannabis edibles (13:45)The importance of diversity at Dynaleo and within the cannabis industry as a whole (18:34)What Kristy is most excited about moving forward in her role (22:57)About Benny Brave Childhood Cancer Foundation (28:46)What does being an Alpha Woman mean to you? (32:35)Dynaleo: https://dynaleo.comBenny Brave Foundation: https://bennybravefoundation.ca
Nov 4 2021
35 mins
Interview with Nan McKay, Founder of Nan McKay Connects
On today's show we meet Nan McKay. Nan is President of the Board of Directors of Nan McKay and Associates, a corporation she founded in 1980, which now has 4000 employees with offices in 10 cities. Nan is also CEO and founder of Nan McKay Connects LLC, a media and consulting company with a podcast and YouTube channel, TrailBlazers Impact Interviews, featuring ordinary women with extraordinary stories. Nan is focusing on women over 50 who want to launch a business. Her book, Gold in the Golden Years, The Definitive Guide to Ensuring You Never Run Out of Money, along with her webinar and course will be available soon. In 2018 she received the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) Signature Award for Southern California, and in 2019 she was selected by NAWBO as the California Woman Business Owner of the Year. She has received numerous awards for her service in affordable housing and has two buildings named after her, a 10-story elderly high-rise, the Nan McKay Building, and a family subsidized development, McKay Manor.Show Timestamps:Start of interview (1:42)Early Obstacles Nan had to face as a businesswoman (7:15)All about Nan McKay Connects (12:36)The aspect of Nan's career that makes her happiest (18:37)Alpha Women over 50 (24:15)Advice for aspiring Alpha Women entrepreneurs (31:22)Ana's preferred social media services (34:14)What's next? (36:07)Click here to get your free guide complimentary of Nan to discover the 10 Tips on How to Pivot to Entrepreneurship for Women 50+.Nan McKay Connects: https://trailblazersimpact.com/whats-happening/Trailblazers Impact on Insta: https://www.instagram.com/trailblazersimpact/?hl=enTwitter: https://twitter.com/TrailblzrsImpct
Oct 24 2021
40 mins
Interview with Krista Raymer, Co-Founder of Vetrina Group, Cannabis Retail Consultants
Krista Raymer is a cannabis-industry retail Powerhouse, and is the Co-Founder of Vetrina Group,  a  consultancy that specializes in Cannabis and non-grocery Consumer Packaged Goods retail. Described as customer journey experts, Vetrina intently focuses on retail and operational excellence that meets and exceeds their clients’ objectives through the use of technology, data and 60+ years of retail expertise. Krista knows the kind of impact a great in-store experience can have on a business. Her ability to train and guide high-performance teams is matched only by her passion for humanizing retail interactions. Understanding the necessity for communication and trust in retail, she dedicates herself to creating holistic training models that drive efficiency and profitability by creating a positive, one-of-a-kind customer experience. With over ten years of retail experience, Krista has built and led training programs for multiple cannabis companies and international apparel brands expanding in Canada and the US. She believes that people are always telling you what they want. All you have to do is listen. Show Timestamps:Start of Interview (2:09)What is Vetrina Group? (4:21)Cannabis storefronts that cater more to women (9:06)Krista's educational background and what led her to cannabis (11:43)What Krista's most proud of about founding Vetrina Group (17:54)Advice for fellow Alpha entrepreneurs (22:17)Krista's self-care routine (28:40)Show Notes:Sign up to Alpha Woman Co at: https://alphawomanco.comFollow us on social media @alphawomancoFind Krista Raymer on LinkedIN https://www.linkedin.com/in/krista-raymer/Vetrina Group Socials:https://twitter.com/vetrinagrouphttps://linkedin.com/company/vetrina-group/
Oct 5 2021
31 mins
Fatima Mechtab of Oasis Aqualounge, and Empowering Women with Pleasure-Positive MessagingMeet the Owner of KOStudio Young Alpha Yin Qi XieInterview With Activist and Founder of MenstruActua, Valeria Moncada
July is menstruation month at Alpha Woman. We’ve been exploring how people around the world menstruate, the impact of period poverty, how girls and women around the world are educated about their periods and more. Which is why we are honoured to interview graduate student and activist, Valeria Moncada.Valeria is a very impressive young woman. A Salvadoran changemaker who immigrated to Vancouver, Canada four years ago, Valeria is the Founder of ‘MenstruActua’, a social project that tackles period poverty and stigma by providing reusable menstrual pads and educational workshops in El Salvador.She is a gender equality advocate who has collaborated with different organizations for women empowerment and mental health as a Mentor and Senior Peer. Recently she delivered her first TEDxTalk to raise awareness about period poverty as a barrier to achieve gender equality at her alma mater The University of British Columbia where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Education. She is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Family Therapy and a Postgraduate Degree in Child & Adolescent Clinical Psychology, all to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a therapist to continue advocating for women and families.Timestamps:Start of interview (2:08)Growing up in El Salvador (4:12)Period education in El Salvador (9:38)Valeria's eventful and educational summer of 2019 (17:43)What's next for MenstruActua? (27:22)Valeria's Inspirational Alpha Woman (34:30)Valeria's self-care routine (37:53)Notes:Don’t forget to get your Limited Edition Menstruation Month Alpha Woman t-shirt, designed by Young Alpha Intern Sadhvi Sail. We have podcast sponsorship opportunities available to help you reach our fantastic audience. Please reach out to hello@alphawomanco.com for more information. Review and rate our podcast and follow us on social media @alphawomanco wherever you are. Podcast researcher Anvi SethiLimited Edition Menstruation Month t-shirt: https://www.alphawomanco.com/product/?product-id=38155327-6e1c-1d6c-1f08-eff2985ecdc4Menstruactua: https://www.instagram.com/menstruactua/
Jul 30 2021
42 mins
Podcast Interview with CEO of Diva International, Carinne Chambers-Saini
July is menstruation month at Alpha Woman. We’ve been exploring how people around the world menstruate, the impact of period poverty, how girls and women around the world are educated about their periods and more. This is why we are so excited to interview one of the global leaders in menstrual product innovation - and also a sister Canadian - the Co-Founder and CEO Diva International, Carinne Chambers-Saini. In the interview we’ll explore her almost 20-year journey to create and market the revolutionary product, The DivaCup. As the only real innovation in feminine hygiene in decades, The DivaCup has completely disrupted the industry by providing the most eco-friendly, clean and comfortable way to address menstrual care on the market today. The incredible growth of the company and rise of The DivaCup brand caused Carinne to receive much recognition. To name a few, has been awarded the EY Entrepreneur of The Year for Sustainable Products and Services, EY national Special Citation Award for Industry Disruptor, in addition to being recognized as one of Canada's Top 40 under 40.In addition to working towards her business dreams, Carinne is also a daughter, wife and mother of two amazing kids.Timestamps:Start of interview (2:09)The origin story of Diva International (8:34)The stigma around menstruation (10:59)Educating young women about menstruation (23:56)Your biggest business challenges (32:30)Carinne's self-care routine (43:07)An Inspiring Alpha Woman in history (49:07)Notes:Podcast researcher Anvi SethiSign up to Alpha Woman Co at: https://alphawomanco.comSponsorship inquiries email: hello@alphawomanco.comLimited Edition Menstruation Month t-shirt: https://www.alphawomanco.com/product/?product-id=38155327-6e1c-1d6c-1f08-eff2985ecdc4Follow us on social media @alphawomancoDivaCup: https://divacup.com
Jul 16 2021
53 mins
Podcast Interview with Katrina Marie, Sexual Empowerment CoachPodcast Interview with Young Alpha Entrepreneur Nicole Sanchez
To kick off Menstruation Month here at Alpha Woman, I sat down with an entrepreneur and impressive Young Alpha, Nicole Sanchez. Nicole is the co-founder of sustainable period product brand Ruth Pads, named after Ruth Bader Ginsberg. These innovative period products help to reduce waste and provide comfortable and ethical alternatives to traditional brands.Nicole has a familiar story when it comes to menstruation. She described how as a young Filipino woman, she received little education or guidance around menstruation. And like many other young girls and menstruators, she hid her period as a young twelve-year-old, unsure why she was ashamed.Nicole was inspired after learning that period pads can take 500-800 years to decompose. And by contrast, sustainable products can decompose within just a year. When Nicole discovered this, she was studying e-commerce at the University of Alberta. She later joined the sustainable period brand, Hempact to provide a much-needed alternative to traditional products. This year, Hempact evolved into Ruth, a brand featuring ethically and sustainably made period pads. And while Nicole didn't have plans to be an entrepreneur, her passion for sustainable and shame-free periods inspired her involvement in such a life-changing project.Nicole described some of the major challenges in starting a business as a young woman of colour in an industry dominated by white men. During our conversation, she described the intimidating environment of pitching a brand for periods in a room full of predominantly white, cis, men. As a young businesswoman, it can be difficult to feel confident as is. But it can be an added challenge when you're selling products considered taboo for many squeamish men. But intimidation did not stop Nicole's entrepreneurial spirit. Today, Community Foundations Canada and Alberta Innovates proudly support Ruth.After hearing her story, I asked Nicole if she had women entrepreneurs to look up to when she was younger. And her answer was moving. She described how entrepreneurship ran in her family, and her grandparents were poultry farmers. While many don't associate farming with the glamorous image of entrepreneurship, for Nicole, her grandparent's farming was the entrepreneurial inspiration she needed. She also named her grandmother as one of her Inspirational Alpha Woman.Nicole is an inspiration. She overcomes obstacles, promotes sustainability, and prompts a much-needed change in the period industry. Most importantly, she reminds us all that menstruation is a normal experience worthy of our attention and innovation. And we can't wait to see the impact of her innovation. TimestampsStart of interview (1:43)All about Hempact and Ruth (4:19)The stigma around women's periods (8:58)Balancing going to school and starting a business (13:01)When Nicole first found her entrepreneurial spirit (16:49)The difficulties of being a female entrepreneur (26:32)Nicole's Inspirational Alpha Woman (35:00)Behind the name "Ruth" (41:22)Advice for Young Alpha Women (48:34)Where do you see yourself in 10 years? (54:13) Notes:We’re excited to announce that we have podcast sponsorship opportunities available to help you reach this fantastic audience. Please reach out to hello@alphawomanco.com for more information.Podcast researcher Anvi SethiSign up to Alpha Woman Co at: https://alphawomanco.comFollow us on social media @alphawomanco
Jul 5 2021
59 mins
Interview with Queer Enterpreneur and Young Alpha Laksha
This week, I interviewed a queer entrepreneur and impressive Young Alpha, Laksha. Laksha is the owner of Sassage Stickers, an inclusive stickers brand with great designs for Pride Month, mental health awareness, and so much more! Laksha is a familiar face at Alpha Woman Co. Our first Young Alphas article, Top 8 Young Entrepreneurs You Need to Know, features Laksha and her brand. This week, Laksha and I explored her journey as a passionate and light-hearted young entrepreneur.Laksha is a psychology major from Bangalore, India, who is passionate about mental health advocacy and queer representation. When I spoke with Laksha, she described the challenges of growing up in India, where LGBTQ+ identities are taboo, and so is mental health.When Laksha was in quarantine, she launched Sassage Stickers with her partner Nakul and found a way to channel her passions in her brand. She combined her quirky personality with her passions to create a fun and authentic brand for her community. And in her words, the name "Sassage" comes from her love of hot dogs, "and all the cool hot dogs that we are."Laksha is a lively spirit and a perfect guest for the end of Pride Month! For her, Sassage Stickers is a hobby and passion project. She aspires to be a counsellor and pursue a career in psychology. But in the meantime, Sassage Stickers is a great way to combine her creative skills and aspirations. Her accomplishments as a young businesswoman are inspiring. And without a doubt, she'll be a fantastic counsellor for Young Alphas in the future.To check out Laksha's products, check out sassagestickers.com!Timestamps:The taboo of mental health in India (3:11)The idea for Sassage Stickers (11:48)Meeting her business partner on a dating website (15:44)Unexpected challenges while starting the business (20:19)Where do you see Sassage Stickers in 10 years? (26:39)Laksha's inspirational Alpha Woman (29:57)Where you can find Sassage Stickers? (33:48)Notes: We’re excited to announce that we have podcast sponsorship opportunities available to help you reach this fantastic audience. Please reach out to hello@alphawomanco.com for more information.Podcast researcher Anvi SethiSign up to Alpha Woman Co at: https://alphawomanco.comFollow us on social media @alphawomanco
Jun 29 2021
37 mins
Breanna Sinclairé, Opera Singer
Today I’m interviewing opera singer Breanna Sinclairé. A native of Baltimore, Maryland, and a graduate of CalArts, Breanna received her Masters from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, and was the first transwoman of the opera program. Operatic performances include Carmen, La Calisto, The Old Maid and The Thief, The Magic Flute, L’enfant et les sortilèges, Platée, and West Side Story, as well as Meredith Monk’s Songs of Ascension at REDCAT, and Zachary Sharrin’s Time Bodies at MOCA. Outside of opera, Sinclairé has enjoyed a variety of performance opportunities with LGBT and other nonprofit organizations across North America.Breanna also made her debut as a guest artist for the Gay Men’s Chorus of DC in Durufle’s Requiem performing “Pie Jesu” at Church of the Epiphany. She was among Out magazine’s 2015 “OUT100” list of LGBT heroes. She was the first transwoman to perform the National Anthem at a professional sporting event for the Oakland A’s, SF Giants, and San Francisco Deltas. She made her debut with SF Symphony on December 2018 as the first trans singer to perform with the orchestra.TimestampsStart of interview (2:14)Early thoughts about gender (5:09)Breanna's passion for music (9:40)Coming out as trans (15:57)What it means to be a Soprano singer (21:21)Your favourite opera to perform? (24:21)The day-to-day of an opera singer (27:57)Breanna's inspirational Alpha Woman (38:40)We’re excited to announce that our Alpha Woman Store is now open! Show the world the Alpha Woman that you are! We’ll be introducing new designs frequently so check back often for our new, limited designs. Podcast researcher Anvi SethiSign up to Alpha Woman Co at: https://alphawomanco.comSponsorship enquiries email: hello@alphawomanco.comFollow us on social media @alphawomanco
Jun 18 2021
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