Soul Aligned Podcast

Michelle Craft

You will find stories of magic, soul and miracles; little bites of inspiration. There will be Soul Downloads, stories and meditations to inspire and uplift you throughout your day. These are short stories of real life experiences and magical moments that will make you wonder… and, yes, they really did happen! Listen to the episodes in each series in order, as they build on each other, if you can. Every time you hear, see or feel something that’s unexplainable, from another place, you open yourself up and attune to new possibilities and ways of being neurologically. You can up-level your system with inspirational thoughts, stories and meditations. You may even open up to new angelic realms and clear your channel for more magic to come in 2022. We truly hope you enjoy the these small little soul bytes in this world of tech overwhelm sometimes we need just a tiny bit of SOUL in our day. What we know to be true, and what our clients find, is when we are aligned with soul anything is possible. Want more?  Visit Find me on facebook: Find me on instagram: Connect on youtube: Join my Group For Women: read less