Shoboy Show

Edgar "Shoboy" Sotelo, Becca Guzman, Micho Rizzo, Eddie The Virgin

The Shoboy Show is a feel-good listening experience that’s real, relatable and fun with a Latin Twist! The Show's vibe is like hanging out with your friends at a backyard Carne Asada (BBQ), talking about relationships, current events and joking around with each other. Hang out with Shoboy, Becca, Micho Rizzo and Eddie The Virgin on this daily replay of the "Shoboy Show" Radio Show. Catch the Shoboy Show live on ShoboyShow.com M-Fri 6-10am Pacific.
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Sep 29 2020
1 min
Should Becca Rat Out A Married Man?!Shoboy Almost Gets The Cops Called On Him!Listener Calls Shoboy A Bad ParentMy Primo Threw Me In The Trunk Hella Drunk!What The Hell Is Christmas Purgatory?!Becca Admits She Wants A Robot SanchoMy Daughter Embarrassed Me In Front of La Migra!Becca's Thanksgiving Fight With BFIntern Kim's Pre-Thanksgiving FAILThe True Meaning Of Micho’s Name RevealedBecca Gets Locked Out Of Her House Due To Policy ActivityJealousy Trip: Hooters HoochieShe Took A Dump Then Dashed!Micho’s Broken Heart, Holiday PlaylistEddie ‘The Virgin’ Gets Smashed By A Señora…WARNING: Listen To This Before Naming Your Child!Becca's Hairy SituationBecca Got Caught In A Lie About Her Ex!Will Becca Give Up Her Toe-Pic Side Hustle?Who On The Show Wants To Get Lip Fillers?