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Smoking and vaping: policy and challenges with Nick Hopkinson
Apr 17 2023
Smoking and vaping: policy and challenges with Nick Hopkinson
Dr. Kate Diomede, social media editor at Thorax, is joined by Prof. Nick Hopkinson(1) to delve into the history of smoking policy in the UK, as well as detailing the lay of the land in current smoking-cessation practices, especially pertaining to vaping. Hear the previous discussion with Prof. Andrew Bush on recent developments in paediatric therapy: (1) Prof. of Respiratory Medicine, Imperial College London, Respiratory Consultant, Royal Brompton Hospital, Associate Editor of Thorax, Chair of ASH (Action on Smoking in Health) UK Charity Relevant papers and references: Millennium cohort – child smoking uptake related to parents and peers smoking Confirming the impact of standardised packaging Effectiveness of ban on smoking in cars with children Smoking and increased risk from COVID Javed Khan’s independent report commissioned by UK Govt: Making Smoking Obsolete Cochrane systematic review suggests vaping is more effective for smoking cessation than NRT Recent evidence update on risk of vaping for OHID concludes, “vaping poses only a small fraction of the risks of smoking.” NICE guidance on nicotine vapes to help smokers quit British Thoracic Society guidance on tobacco harm reduction National Centre for Smoking Cessation Training Cigarette Smoking: An Assessment of Tobacco's Global Environmental Footprint Across Its Entire Supply Chain ASH: Use of e-cigarettes (vapes) among young people in Great Britain Competing interests: None declared. Please engage in the conversation through the social media channels (Twitter - @ThoraxBMJ; Facebook - @Thorax.BMJ · Pulmonologist) and subscribe on your preferred platform, to get the latest episodes directly on your device each month.