The Single Well with Dr. Milah

Kamilah Marie MD

Dr. Milah is a single mom, family physician and wellness transformation coach in Columbus, Ohio. Despite years of medical training and providing care on the front lines, she found herself struggling with obesity, fatigue, and body pain. Fed up and not sure where to turn, she began a deep dive into all things nutrition and found that there was so much more to it than meets the eye. After going through a divorce, and while learning to live the single life with God by her side, she discovered that true health and wellness encompasses spiritual, physical, emotional, relational and mental well-being. The Single Well will highlight and address the unique needs of the single woman and mom as she pursues wellness and metabolic health. If you are in your single season and desire momentous transformation in your life and health, but have no idea where or how to begin, this podcast was made for you!
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