Class of Hope and Change

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Class of Hope and Change is a two-year podcast documentary featuring millennials who are sharing their dreams, struggles, ideas, and stories in a beautiful movement of love, trust, and truth. This podcast is rooted in the timeless tradition of oral history. We speak for ourselves. We are telling our own stories before someone else sells them back to us. Our guests are everyday millennials who bring a variety of life experiences and cultural perspectives to discussions about a wide range of timely and timeless subjects. We believe the ideas of 'Hope' and 'Change' are about our future - specifically our young people - and are open to anyone who is trying to make the world a better place to live. Using conversation, we dig for the gems of wisdom that lie beneath the surface of what we typically see and share on social media. We know that life in the real world is not always pretty, but we think truth can be communicated in love...and we're trying to do just that. Thanks for listening! An OverPond Media Production.
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Conversation 58 (Camille)
Feb 20 2017
35 mins
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