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Raised by the movement, President and CEO of NDN Collective, Nick Tilsen (Oglala Lakota) delves into past and present LANDBACK struggles across Turtle Island and the Indigenous world. LANDBACK FOR THE PEOPLE is dedicated to lifting up the revolutionary strides within the liberation movement for Indigenous Peoples and our homelands. read less

Our Editor's Take

LANDBACK For The People is a podcast about indigenous rights in the US. The host of the show is Nick Tilsen, a citizen of the Oglala Lakota Nation. He is also president and CEO of NDN Collective, a social justice organization. The indigenous resistance movement has existed since the early days of European colonization. Like the people it serves, it has grown and evolved with the times. Today, its focus is on LANDBACK, a push to reclaim ancestral lands from the US government. LANDBACK also works to combat exploitive resource extraction and climate change.

On LANDBACK For The People, Tilsen introduces listeners to issues that the movement addresses. He talks about Leonard Peltier, the activist who went to prison for the murder of two FBI agents. Detractors claim that the charges were false. In another episode, Tilsen talks about LANDBACK in Hawaii. 'Aina Back challenges are unique and steeped in Hawaiian culture.

Some of the episodes of LANDBACK for the People focus on the changemakers. Tilsen interviews Madonna Thunder Hawk, a longtime crusader for indigenous rights. She participated in the 1971 occupation of Mount Rushmore and the 1972 takeover of BIA HQ. Thunder Hawk was in the Wounded Knee siege in 1973. In 2016, she was at Standing Rock. Tilsen talks to activists who are fighting back through legal means. Philip Katzen is an Osage attorney specializing in tribal sovereignty. Nicole Yanes is an Opata citizen and community organizer.

Tilsen likes to talk about resistance strategies with podcast guests. He discusses creative resistance, which wields art and performance to demand justice. Reclaiming traditions and cultural practices can sometimes be an act of defiance.

Listeners interested in indigenous rights may enjoy LANDBACK For The People. The podcast showcases the diversity within the movement and the unity of purpose. Listening is an inspiring experience. New episodes arrive monthly.

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