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Join Christian Life Resources as we discuss biblical perspectives on modern day issues.
Episode 19: Interview with Leah Bongard on Embryo AdoptionEpisode 18: The Joys and Blessings of ParenthoodEpisode 17: The Burden of Parenthood?Episode 16: The Baby Boys of BethlehemEpisode 15: The Most Important Pregnancy EverEpisode 14: Reasons Why People Fear DeathEpisode 13: Defining DeathEpisode12: Interview with Tabitha Schroeder, Executive Director of New BeginningsEpisode 11: Pro-Life in Hollywood?Episode 10: Bible Passages Supporting LifeEpisode 9: Interview with Futurist Thomas FreyEpisode 8: The Blessings and Challenges of ProsperityEpisode 7: Government Change & Religious FreedomEpisode 6: Being Me!Episode 5: How to Value the Gift of LifeEpisode 4: My Body My ChoiceEpisode 3: The Modern Day Pro-Life MovementEpisode 2: Christians and ActivisimEpisode 1: Why are life issues important to Christians?Introduction: Welcome to the podcast!