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Mindfulness-Sexuality-Relationships: My mission is to educate people to enlightenment and awareness. To free the emotions from pain, learn to love more openly, express the hidden voice, and recreate a more purposeful, empowered and happy life; thus awakening from separation and suffering and embracing the modern world with oneness and love. Somatic Orgonomy Psychotherapist, Yoga Guru, Two-time Award Winning Journalist, Love - Relationship Coach, Founder Tantra Wisdom- Kinepathics. Discover Joyous Love YouTube- Podcast. It's Your Voice Podcast. Author: “Live Free”, “The Donna Gentile Story”.

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Is Casual Sex Emotionally Healthy?
Is Casual Sex Emotionally Healthy?True Crime: The Donna Gentile Story
Discover Joyous Love Host Anita DeFrancesco Talks about her True Crime book she authored on a first cousin murdered 1985. Episode #34 When Donna Gentile, escaped from a home for delinquent girls and  made her way to San Diego she had big dreams. She worked in security  for a while and even dreamed of joining the police department. But  things didn’t work out as she planned. Donna, like many other innocent  runaways, became a victim of the street walker life. While in survivor  mode she was groomed, exploited, and coerced into prostitution, a path  that took control of her life and ultimately led to her death at the age  of twenty-two. Donna allowed herself to be befriended by several police  officers thinking that this would afford her some protection in her  dangerous life on the streets. Instead she was harassed and ultimately  victimized by some of the same police to whom she had turned for help.  But Donna was a fighter. Rather than taking the abuse, which included  sexual harassment, she reported it to the San Diego Police Department.  She testified against two officers, one of whom lost his job on account  of her testimony. Her life became further complicated when the Internal  Affairs Division exploited and coerced her into becoming a police  corruption informant . She was murdered with gravel stuffed in her mouth  and her autopsy was the first and only to be sealed in San Diego. Why?  Someone wanted to silence Donna. But who? “By  definition, a fearless woman is strong when it comes to facing hard  situations. They are confident in who they are and what they believe,  and in their example of fearlessness, they encourage others to be  courageous and make a difference. While many think of men first when it  comes to these strong figures, there are also a number of important  women in the Bible who inspire, not only because of how they lived but  also because of their rock-solid faith, even in some of the toughest of  circumstances, because they fought injustice and dared to lead.  We can  learn a great deal from their stories.” – 22 Fearless Daughters of the Bible The Donna Gentile Story is the author’s first publication within the  genre of true crime. It is a true story, a story of tragedy, the story  of a first cousin, a young woman, loving and kind, but silenced,  abandoned when she speaks of her hardships at home, from there to  exploitation, prostitution and death, a murder never resolved.Anita DeFrancesco has also written her own true story. A two-time global  author, public speaker, workshop leader and facilitator. She is the  author of “Live Free — Re-create and Liberate Your Life,” her own  journey, a return from devastation. Anita lives, writes, and speaks as a  woman who has not only survived her own challenges but has also grown  from it and re-created her life journey. She has used her painful and  tragic experience to help other women and girls.Her extensive service includes UCLA/The Rape Foundation, Santa Monica  College, Widener University, WOAR, The Boys and Girls Club, Amity  Foundation, Amistad de Los Angeles, The Clare Foundation, Share, DiDi  Hirsch, and many others including Los Angeles’s “Children of the Night,”  founded by Dr. Lois Lee, an organization that rescues child prostitutes  from pimps and organized child sex traffickers. Early on Anita created a  drug-free group for teenagers called RAP.
Apr 15 2022
26 mins
Chi Kung for Sustainable Orgasms Master Gary Clyman speaks
Discover Joyous Love Podcast with Anita DeFrancesco Episode #33 Chi Kung for Sustainable Orgasms Master Gary Clyman speaks He teaches people how to "dump their junk" with his EMOTIONAL LYPOSUCTION techniques which takes minutes and one is relieved from anger, bitterness, grudges, abandonment and rage. He began his  Tai Chi career in 1974 in Chicago. I studied and teach  Temple Style Tai Chi Ch’uan as taught by Master Waysun Liao. I studied  with two of his top instructors and received corrections from him in a  class for about 18 months. You might have read his book entitled “The  Tai Chi Classics” published by Shambala Press. He took  Tai Chi practice very seriously from the beginning. In a  short while, my practice had developed into a full time job, requiring  between 6-10 hours per day of personal practice. While others were  developing careers and families, I was busy developing my Tai Chi. I  excelled and was passed from teacher to teacher within The Temple Style  Tai Chi Ch’uan System. He had about 100 private consultations with Master Liao. He never  checked my technique. We always talked until all my current questions  were completely answered. He never held back from me. In 1977 I asked  Master Liao, “what level am I equal to?” Even though I was only in my  third year of training, his response was “equal to a 15-20 year  student.” That was in 1977. He is  proof that anyone can become good at Tai Chi. You don’t need  natural ability, special physical skills, innate athleticism, good  genes… All you need is to practice, follow directions, and don’t stop  learning. Oh yeah, burning desire would be helpful. Temple Style Tai Chi Ch’uan as passed from Master to disciple is a  real Tai Chi system. It includes all aspects of the highly revered and  famous art. It includes forms, standing and sitting meditations martial  art applications and fighting, two person sensitivity training and high  performance endurance training. Rarely will you find a Tai Chi system  like this. Masters from all over the country come to study with me on an  ongoing basis. He  was originally taught Chi Kung as “the icing on the cake” to my  professional Tai Chi training. These energy cultivation techniques were  usually withheld and taught to only a chosen few. I was one of those  few. Now, these techniques, Tidal Wave™ Chi Kung, Mind Light™ Nei Kung  and most of Temple Style Tai Chi Ch’uan, are available on video and in  special workshops to those interested in learning these powerful,  internal techniques to quickly and permanently change their lives for  the better. Nationally call: (800) 782-4244 Locally call: (312) 446-8218 www.ChiKung.com Master@chikung.com clygar@gmail.com
Apr 10 2022
30 mins
"Cupid is a Bastard" Author Ambika Devi
Anita DeFrancesco Host of Discover Joyous Love Podcast presents Episode #31 an interview with Author Ambika Devi on her latest book "Cupid is a Bastard"  "Cupid is a Bastard" Author Ambika Devi   https://linktr.ee/AmbikaDevi https://ambikadevi.com/ A refreshing book for everyone. Opens the heart and connects us to the reality of love... Ambika Devi is an international award-winning bestselling author of six books, an astrologer, a meditation Jedi, and creative sexagenarian who stuffs her backpack with colored pens, a journal, a kindle, a passport and a deck of tarot cards. Her new book, Cupid is a Bastard, has just released and you can find it on her website at: AmbikaDevi.com    The book is available on AMAZON  Ambika is on a peace building mission to help people realize their true nature so that they can step out of the churning river of thoughts and activity of the mind, stop wearing insane schedules like badges of honor, and begin their days reinforced with the calmness a meditation practice brings. With 45 years of experience, 13,000 plus hours of study and having taught over 19,000 people the art of meditation, Ambika gives you five clear steps that lead you directly into a deep state of meditation. As your coach she places you precisely on your path using tools from her multiple degrees in fields of study including: A Masters in Yoga and Meditation, and bachelor’s degrees in Astrology, and Fine Arts. As an international best-selling and award-winning author Ambika helps inspires your creativity. As your coach, she guides you to bring your vision of a your book into reality. As a speaker she motivates and inspires audiences so that they feel empowered to transform themselves and help others. Ambika has appeared on The Learning Channel, syndicated and public radio, and in periodicals as a relationship and communication expert and taught Holistic Health at the university level for 21 years. Her new book, Cupid is a Bastard, has just released and you can find it on her website at: AmbikaDevi.com
Apr 3 2022
41 mins
Am I Normal If? By Author Dr. Susan KayeDishonesty is Betrayal of any sorts not just in romance.Tantra, just what is it?
What is Tantra? What is Tantra Sex? Is Tantra an orgy of sorts? Is Tantra a yoga or a religion? What is ritual and why do rituals work? Is Tantra all about sex ? What are Chakras all about? Sacred Sex and the Tantric Way. Myths about Tantra. How does one get started in Tantra, what is the preparation. The importance of the breath and eye gazing. Is Tantra just for couples? What is Yab Yum and the Kama Sutra? What is transmutation and the male full body orgasm? What is sensate Focus? Honoring the Goddess.  Honoring the God ( women pleasing men). Anita DeFrancesco, MA, is a Somatic Orgonomy Psychotherapist (Orgonomy referencing the work of Wilhelm Reich), Two-time Award Winning Journalist, and a Love and Relationship Coach. She is the Founder Tantra Wisdom and of Kinepathics.  She is the host and moderator of the Discover Joyous Love Podcast on YouTube as well as on all Podcast platforms, including Amazon Music and Apple Podcasts, as well as of the  It's Your Voice Podcast. She is the Author of “Live Free: Recreate and Liberate Your Life”, and of “The Donna Gentile Story”. Her mission is centered around the themes of Mindfulness, Sexuality and Relationships, and to educate people to enlightenment and awareness.  Specifically her mission, both in her podcasts and in her professional practice, is to assist people in freeing their emotions from pain, to learn to love more openly,  and to express their hidden voice. By doing these things people will be able to recreate a more purposeful, empowered and happy life,  thus awakening from separation and suffering and embracing the modern world with oneness and love. www.TantraWisdom.com #Tantra #Tantra Sex #Sacred Sex #Yab Yum #Kama Sutra #Honoring The Goddess
Mar 8 2022
1 hr 11 mins
Sexual, romantic and life Expectations can exceed your Reality? Episode #30Soldier of the Cross Author John Oliver A world outside the limitations of the senses #28
Anita DeFrancesco presents  Episode # 28:  Interview with  John Oliver Mason author of the book "Soldier of the Cross"  "There is a world outside the limitations of the senses" John Oliver Mason Fictional story about David Lucas, once a drunk and whore-chaser and now a zealous fundementalist Christian and church pastor, leads an anti-gay referendum campaign that fails, just when his pegnant wife has an abortion to save her life, As Lucas becomes a leading figure in a Christian political group, he conducts an evangelisticn tour of US military bases, and his marriage begins to collapse. Available on AMAZON John Oliver Mason studied at Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, where in May 1984 I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in History; received his Masters of Science degree from the Labor Center of the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He have written for newspapers in the Philadelphia area, and his poetry has been published in ESC!, Philadelphia Tribune, Philadelphia Inquirer, Jewish Frontier, Poet’s Page, Poet’s Attic, The Angry Poet, Ugly Cousin, and the anthologies Meridian Bound,  Poetry Ink 2005, Poetry Ink: The Tenth Anniversary Anthology, Poetry Ink 2008, Poetry Ink 2009, and Poetry Ink 2010. He have read his poetry in the Painted Bride Art Center, Kelly Writer’s House, the Underground Poetry Café, Najee’s Loft, Robin’s Book Store/Moonstone Arts Center, Mad Poets Society, and the Sedgewick Cultural Center. His poem, “Heaven Down There” won an Honorable Mention from Tit-elation.com; his poem, “The Image of God” won an Honorable Mention from the 75th Annual Writer’s DigestWriting Competition; his poem, “The Back Bedroom,” was a finalist in the 2014 Northers Liberties Review readers’ Choice Award.
Feb 25 2022
45 mins
Teach Your Partner to meet your Sexual and Emotional needs.#27Is Polyamory an option in your relationship? #26THE MAGICAL SEX BOOK Author Frank Wiegers Are you unfulfilled in the bedroom. # 25
Episode # 25 Guest: Frank Wiegers speaking on his new  book THE MAGICAL SEX BOOK available on Amazon--A perfect VALENTINES GIFT. By Frank Wiegers and Judith Claire The Magical Sex Book #1 Bestseller in New Releases! Have  you been longing for better sex but don’t know where to begin?  Put an  end to the mystery and learn how to regularly create intimate,  meaningful, magical sex. Is being unfulfilled in the bedroom hurting your relationship?Know the passion is gone and want it back?Afraid you’re too old to enjoy the excitement and pleasure you once did?Looking to take intimacy deeper than ever before? Happily married sex and relationship  coaches Frank Wiegers and Judith Claire have spent over seventy combined  years helping singles and couples solve their problems and achieve  heartfelt, erotic fulfillment. And now they’re here to coach you to lovemaking that transcends  physical satisfaction and takes you to that mystical, connected place  beyond normal human experience. The Magical Sex Book is  a transformative guide that is grounded in the understanding that  amazing sex takes place within the context of a loving, emotionally  fulfilling relationship.  With their unique and tested holistic  approach, Wiegers and Claire combine simple, practical steps,  communication exercises and special ancient and modern sexual techniques  to deliver mind-blowing passion.  And by applying these you’ll create  an empowering spiritual bond with your significant other–the basis for  the magic. https://themagicalsexbook.com/
Jan 10 2022
45 mins
Is Toxic Shame affecting Your Relationship? #24Romance & the Psychopath -How to navigate this love affair. #23SENSUALITY with guest Randolph Pitts- good for sexuality and feeling the essence of life. #22
Episode # 22 Guest: Randolph Pitts: Topic: Sensuality In this episode Randolph Pitts speaks with me on Sensuality and why he believes its important to focus on sensuality. It is not only a plus for good sexuality but rather for feeling the essence of life. Sensuality fine tunes the senses; the hands and tongues have a million ways of giving and receiving pleasure. Lovemaking can be a piece of classical music that travels through a vast landscape of feelings and sensations, of moods and emotions. But to honor the senses one must express the nature of their being in parallel with the nature of the organism of the earth. Randolph Pitts holds Summa Cum Laude degrees in Social Psychology and Egyptology from the University of California Berkeley, and a Masters Degree in Motion Picture Production and Entertainment Law from UCLA.  He has also done advanced research for the Department of Psychology at UCLA, concentrating on couples and relationships dynamics.  He is a member of Phi Beta Kappa and the American Philosophical Association, the organization of university professors of Philosophy. He is also an associate member of the Los Angeles County Bar Association. Randolph has been a top executive at several entertainment companies, including a ten year stint as Chief Executive Officer of the company that produced Leaving Las Vegas for which Nicolas Cage won the Academy Award as best actor. He has a lifelong interest in the relationship between philosophy, psychology and history. He is the founder and host of the Explore Ecstatic Sensuality podcast.
Dec 3 2021
53 mins
Relationship Harmony vs. Disagreement-Lets balance the sex and love #21