Hello Menopause!

Let's Talk Menopause

Real menopause stories from real people! Join Let’s Talk Menopause co-founder Christine Maginnis and comedic storyteller Robin Gelfenbien as they explore the wide spectrum of perimenopause symptoms, the benefits of aging, and the misconceptions about the most mysterious non-mystery on Earth - menopause. In each episode, you’ll hear relatable, honest, and vulnerable stories from our guests' own menopause transitions. The goal? To let you know that you are not alone. So whether you’ve never heard of perimenopause, are in the middle of a searing hot flash, or are enjoying the postmenopausal good life, this podcast is for you. Tune into Hello Menopause! Your go-to for frank, fun, and unforgettable conversations about menopause. Visit www.letstalkmenopause.org for a wealth of information about the 101s of the menopause transition, a symptoms checklist, a wealth of free resources, and more. Hello Menopause! is a podcast from the national nonprofit Let’s Talk Menopause, produced in partnership with FRQNCY Media.