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Welcome to Gone South Season 3: The Sign Cutter. Join host Jed Lipinski as he unravels the story behind the 2018 killings of four sex workers in the border-town of Laredo, Texas, triggering a manhunt for a serial killer that would lead to a shocking standoff with a man once tasked with protecting the town. Gone South is a true crime Audacy original produced in association with Jed and Tom Lipinski.  Previous seasons of Gone South include: Season 1: Who Killed Margaret Coon? Season 2: The Dixie Mafia read less

Our Editor's Take

Gone South is a podcast covering the 1987 murder of Margaret Coon. As a former prosecutor, Coon seemed to have it all. She was beautiful, successful, and powerful. Then, one day, she was gone. Her sudden disappearance left people alarmed and concerned. If someone like Margaret Coon isn't safe, then who is?

Gone South won an Edward R. Murrow Award for Outstanding Achievements in Journalism in 2022. The host, Jed Lipinski, is also the writer of the series. His tone feels grounded, trustworthy, and engaging. His hosting style helps a true crime audience stay both gripped and informed.

Listeners can expect familiar true crime elements and segments. They'll hear a narrative tale that describes the circumstances surrounding the murder. But they'll also hear exclusive interviews from people present during the investigation. This podcast invites listeners to examine Margaret Coon's case themselves. Audiences should expect a strange tale, unlike one they've heard before. Or, they'll get a whole new perspective on a case they may know.

Listeners should start with the first episode and work through the podcast chronologically. That way they'll hear the full story of what happened to Margaret Coon without missing any vital elements. All episodes of Gone South are available now on Amazon Music.

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