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The UI Kit announcement
Feb 26 2023
The UI Kit announcement
In this episode of The Adapt Tips Podcast, we're making an announcement of a product that we have been working on for at least a year and are ready to start selling to the Adapt community in the next few weeks - The Adapt Tips UI Kit.The UI Kit is an Adobe XD template that we have created to enable designers to quickly and accurately create prototypes of Adapt themes.We were inspired to create this product from the experiences we had working with designers who didn't have the familiarity we did with Adapt. They didn't know what components and extensions were available and came with Adapt out-of-the-box. They didn't know which theme changes could be achieved in seconds and which would take hours. We believe that this product will solve these issues by replicating the layout and structure of Adapt.Designers can drag and drop components onto a page to create a prototype Adapt course in minutes. They can access the colour picker and change any of the colours of the theme and see their change cascade throughout the whole course. Adobe XD exposes all the colour variables picked, so once the prototype is complete and signed off internally and by the client, the developer will be able to jump in straight away.If you are interested in finding out more about the UI Kit Simon will be presenting it live at the IDTX conference on the 8th of March at 11:45 am GMT / 7:45 am EST. You can sign up for the event for free here.If you liked this episode please let us know! Email us at: