The Juice with Solomon Georgio

Team Coco

Just before we all went on lockdown, comedian Solomon Georgio tweeted out a call for everyday gossip. His replies immediately blew up with the wildest stories, and now he’s sharing them on The Juice! Join Solomon each week as he sources only the juiciest tales from comedians, performers, and listeners like you! No celebrity drama here—we keep it low stakes and high petty! If you love hearing about hookups at Denny’s, moms with secret lovers, and chair-sniffing coworkers, you’re in the right place. Sit back, relax, and let us spill the juice for you. read less

Our Editor's Take

The Juice with Solomon Georgio is a gossip podcast with comedian host Solomon Georgio is for them. But it's not about celebrities. Comedian Solomon Georgio presents updates from everyday life. Some guests share why they hate their jobs. These include cashiers and strippers. Others bring the latest gossip from improv class. The stories here certainly do not appear in the tabloids.

The Juice with Solomon Georgio podcast started because of a 2020 tweet. Giorgio called out to his followers on Twitter. He asked them to share their own gossip. “I don't care about celebrity gossip,” he wrote. “Give me small scale gossip. I want to know why the night shift employees at Kohl's are mad at each other.”

Guests include comedian Naomi Ekperigin and stripper Teddy B. Ruxpin. Sam Sanders, podcaster and journalist, dispels myths about Texas, his own state. Amber Ruffin talks about doing improv in Amsterdam. Comedian Nicole Byer looks back on her high school life and family secrets.

The Juice with Solomon Georgio sometimes presents live episodes. In these, the host's infectious laugh keeps listeners laughing along with him. The everyday gossip turns out to be a great stand-up topic.

Listeners will look forward to the week's mailbag. Each week Georgio uses listener gossip submissions on the air. Show fans may realize their coworkers might not be the weirdest out there. Gossip—it's not just about celebrities anymore.

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