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Glenn Llopis

A podcast about the collapse of traditional corporate standards in today’s more personalized world. Leadership strategist, author, contributor to Forbes and founder of the Leadership in the Age of Personalization Movement, Glenn Llopis interviews executives across multiple sectors to find out how the balance between standardization and personalization can exist. read less


#97: Emotional Intelligence: Navigating Life and Leadership!
Mar 13 2024
#97: Emotional Intelligence: Navigating Life and Leadership!
🌟 Welcome to Season 5 of the Personalization Outbreak Podcast! 🌟In our season opener, we're thrilled to welcome Harvey Deutschendorf, an esteemed emotional intelligence expert, for a deep dive into the power of emotional intelligence in navigating life's moral dilemmas and embracing change with resilience.**Episode Highlights:**- Harvey Deutschendorf sheds light on our inherent sense of right and wrong, and the role of emotional intelligence in recognizing and acting upon it.- Discover the importance of self-awareness in overcoming self-deception and fostering genuine personal growth.- Learn how emotional intelligence can be your guide through the challenges of change, offering strategies for resilience and proactive action.Harvey emphasizes, "There's going to be setbacks... but just do it and don't wait." This episode is a treasure trove for anyone looking to leverage emotional intelligence to enhance their personal and professional lives.🎧 Listen, learn, and let's grow together. Join us on this journey into the heart of emotional intelligence and transform how you navigate the complexities of life and leadership.#EmotionalIntelligence #Leadership #PersonalGrowth #HarveyDeutschendorf #PersonalizationOutbreak----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------JOIN THE MOVEMENT:GLLG Company Website: Of Personalization Website: Us: Us: sandy@glennllopisgroup.comFOLLOW GLENN LLOPIS:LinkedIn: