Personalization Outbreak

Glenn Llopis

A podcast about the collapse of traditional corporate standards in today’s more personalized world. Leadership strategist, author, contributor to Forbes and founder of the Leadership in the Age of Personalization Movement, Glenn Llopis interviews executives across multiple sectors to find out how the balance between standardization and personalization can exist.

#51: Rebuilding Community: How to Come Back Stronger After the Great Resignation#50: Going Beyond General Counsel Responsibilities#49: Disability Inclusion: Inclusion from the perspectives of students with disabilities#48: The Marketing Advantage of Having a Multicultural Workforce#47: Why OVERTHINKING Is Killing Your Chances Of Success#46: Education Through the Student's Eyes#45: Expanding the definition of “whole person”  to solve the social determinants in health#44: Personalizing the Educational System#43: Prioritizing Individuals Over Institutions#42: The Future of Learning#41: Preparing Leaders for a Hybrid Work Environment#40: Reviewing the Role of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion#39: Prioritizing Wellbeing in the Digital Era#38: Workplace Sustainability and Psychological Safety#37: Extinction & Evolution of the CHRO role#36: A Call for Change in Higher Education#35: Fighting the Resistance to Change in Healthcare#34: What Different Generations Can Learn From Each Other#33: Prioritizing health and well-being will serve as a competitive advantage#32: Social Determinants of Health and The New Healthcare Model