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Anthony Winter

Dungeons and Dragons 5e live play: Season Six - Nautical Ghosts of Saltmarsh, Call from the Deep mashup Season Five - Ravenloft Tier 4 Campaign - the City of Eyes Season three and four - Wild Beyond the Witchlight Season two is Rime of the Frost Maiden and The Lost City of Mezro. Season one, Descent into Avernus, has concluded. This was a complete adventure including many of the AL one shot adventures, and a few bonus episode forays. Baldurs Gate: Descent into Avernus complied with the Adventurers League format We are primarily an Australian-based DnD group playing through DnD published adventures, now with players from across the globe due to the necessities of Covid and the opportunities presented with online play. read less
S06E04 - Tears of the Drowned : Drowned Temple - Ghosts of Saltmarsh & Call from the Deep Campaign
Feb 19 2023
S06E04 - Tears of the Drowned : Drowned Temple - Ghosts of Saltmarsh & Call from the Deep Campaign
We shift to a joint dream sequence experienced by the entire party after throwing some creature in a sack off a sea cliff, at the behest of Mother Haggle.  The next adventure in a campaign featuring: - Ghosts of Saltmarsh - Call from the Deep - Coastal homebrew with Lovecraftian watery themes tying the two together Background: Forces of the Dragon cult are raiding and amassing armies in the east, and armies have been sent to face them in the field. The wars have being going on for almost two years now and much of the inner heartland is ravaged. The Western coastal free cities have largely remained untouched but there is no remaining standing army to speak of. Giants across the North appear to be at war and leaderless. Towns have been raised and stock destroyed as each of the giant clans move from their traditional lands. Allied forces are sorely pressed, containing threats on multiple fronts. Predatory Corsair barons have capitalised on the weakness - piracy, slavery and coastal raids are on the rise. There is plenty of work for budding adventurers looking for reward and fame, supplementing the standing army and making up for tasks usually addressed by ranking Rangers, the circle Orboros, and Arcane Tempest gun mages of the Duchy of Xanaphos. Tier 1-3 D&D High Seas Adventure, Coastal Exploration, with Lovecraftian flavour. Set sail on an epic adventure that will thrust you into the middle of a pirate-filled mystery. The grand cities and small villages of the Western Coast defend themselves from raiding buccaneers, bloodthirsty sea devils, and other hideous creatures from the bottom of the Sea. Adventurers are needed to investigate perilous seas and dangerous islands. This coastal based campaign combines high seas adventure, light eldritch horror, and classic Dungeons & Dragons adventuring into a story that will take your characters from level 1-12 and possibly beyond. This will be my sixth 5E campaign online with many more face to face homebrew DMing under my belt before that.