Flurry of Foes | Dungeons and Dragons Actual Play | Ghosts of Saltmarsh | Call from the Deep

Anthony Winter

Dungeons and Dragons 5e live play: Season Six - Nautical Ghosts of Saltmarsh, Call from the Deep mashup Season Five - Ravenloft Tier 4 Campaign - the City of Eyes Season three and four - Wild Beyond the Witchlight Season two is Rime of the Frost Maiden and The Lost City of Mezro. Season one, Descent into Avernus, has concluded. This was a complete adventure including many of the AL one shot adventures, and a few bonus episode forays. Baldurs Gate: Descent into Avernus complied with the Adventurers League format We are primarily an Australian-based DnD group playing through DnD published adventures, now with players from across the globe due to the necessities of Covid and the opportunities presented with online play. read less