Lady Carnarvon's Official Podcast

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My husband, the 8th Earl of Carnarvon, and I have the enormous privilege and pleasure of living in, and taking care of, my husband’s family home, Highclere Castle, which is better known to many people as the setting for the popular television programme “Downton Abbey”. Thanks to this series, our home has, over the last few years, become one of the most well-known and iconic houses in the world. My Podcast is my way of trying to share the stories and heritage of this wonderful building and estate, and all the people and animals that live and work here, so that you can get to know and love it as I do.
Ep.45 Backwards and Forwards: Lord CarnarvonEp.44 Speaking in the USA: Patsy ArnettEp.43 Downton Abbey creator: Julian FellowesEp 42 The Planes of HighclereEp.41 A New Era: John GundillEp.40 Battle PromsEp.39 Food for the Soul: Rafia WillmottEp.38 Lights, Camera, Action! Lord CarnarvonEp.37 Sir Peter MichaelEp.36 Farming Tales: Sarah SladenEp.35 Ranald MacdonaldEp.34 Sarah ParishEp.33 New Year. New Hope.Ep.32 Christmas at HighclereEp.31 Will StonorEp.30 The Documentary TeamEp.29 A Christmas Carol: Gerald DickensEp.28 Guiding LightEp.27 Kate AdieEp.26 Robert Harris