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Coffee and Bible Time is a podcast for Christian people to be encouraged and grow in their faith. Ashley, Taylor, and Mentor Mama are founders of the Coffee and Bible Time ministry which started on YouTube. Their passion is to help inspire people to delight in God's word.
Season 3 Ep. 38 - Getting Back to the Heart of Quiet Time w/ Girl Defined Bethany BealSeason 3 Ep. 37 - Near-Death Experience Testimony w/ guest Ian McCormackSeason 3 Ep. 36 - Q&A with Mentor MamaSeason 3 Ep. 35 - Helping Singles Create a Life they LoveSeason 3 Ep. 34 - What did Jesus mean by that?  Interpreting difficult passages of scripture w/ guest AJ Levine
Oct 15 2021
47 mins
Season 3 Ep. 33 - Young Woman's Testimony of How Nightlife Doesn't Fulfill w/guest Erin KiuSeason 3 Ep. 32 - Does Mom Fatigue Have You Down? w/ America's #1 Mom Coach - Hannah KeeleySeason 3 Ep. 31 - How to Embrace Biblical Truths for a Healthy Emotional Life w/ guest Elizabeth Laing Thompson
Discovering the foundational biblical truths we need to embrace in order to construct an emotional life that is healthy, happy, and holy is the focus of this podcast.  So how are you doing with your feelings?  Do you tend to ride them like a roller coaster?  Do you get stuck in the mud with one feeling or another for way too long?  Or do you feel shame for battling your emotions?  Well, there’s good news for those of us who love God and seek to follow his ways. You might be surprised to hear this, but the Bible has a lot to say about our feelings. It tells us which feelings are godly and good for us, and it even gives us ideas for how to encourage those feelings to grow. The Bible also tells us which emotions we need to watch out for—which ones can hurt us if they get out of control—and gives us ideas for how we can limit or avoid them. The Bible can help us learn how to work on our feelings— to take charge of them, instead of letting them push us around.Our guest today Elizabeth Laing Thompson shares from her books titled All the Feels and All the Feels for Teens by helping us understand that by embracing how God has designed and created us, we are freed up to have better and more full relationships with others because of our emotions, not in spite of them.Watch the podcast and leave comments here:  Coffee and Bible Time - YouTubeCoffee and Bible Time - Prayer Journal and Prayer BinderFaithful Counseling - Get 10% off your first month (Faithful Counseling is our sponsor)Suggestions from Elizabeth:All the Feels by Elizabeth Laing ThompsonAll the Feels for Teens by Elizabeth Laing ThompsonTyndale NLT Filament BibleArchaeological BibleLizzylife.comBlueLetterBible.orgElizabeth Laing Thompson YouTube Channel
Sep 14 2021
44 mins
Season 3 Ep. 30 - Let your doubts lead to faith! - w/guest Rajat Dhiman
Have you experienced being set free by the Gospel message?  If so, the Bible makes it very clear, that each and every one of us is called to share our faith.  But what does the reality of sharing the Christian faith look like to you?  Is it scary?  Do you not know what to say?  Or maybe you have shared your faith and nothing happened.  We must keep in mind that we can’t open someone’s heart to the truth of the Gospel message, only God can by His Spirit.  But the most amazing thing happens when we partner with God - it's a WIN-WIN:  When we share our faith with others, God allows us to be part of His life-transforming work and share in His joy, while the person who receives the Gospel message experiences the gift of knowing the truth which sets them free.  Our guest today, YouTuber Rajat Dhiman (Biblical Dhiman) will be sharing his own journey of how his doubts led him to faith, and then how God called and equipped him to boldly share his faith in a demographic where that is not always welcomed or easy to do.Watch the podcast and leave comments here:  Coffee and Bible Time - YouTube Coffee and Bible Time - Prayer Journal and Prayer BinderFaithful Counseling - Get 10% off your first month (Faithful Counseling is our sponsor) Suggestions from Rajat:John MacArthur Study Bible - ESV, MacArthur Study Bible, 2nd Edition, Leathersoft, Brown, Thumb Indexed: Unleashing God's Truth One Verse at a Time Book by Paul Copan - Is God a Moral Monster?  Making Sense of the Old Testament(Amazon link sales financially support our Coffee and Bible Time ministry-THANK YOU!)RC Sproul - Ligonier MinistriesWebsite - Bible GatewayWebsite - Bible Hub
Sep 7 2021
40 mins
Season 3 Ep. 29 - How to find satisfaction in an invisible God! w/ guest Wendy PopeSeason 3 Ep. 28 - Live missionally right where God has placed you! w/ guests Chris and Elizabeth McKinneySeason 3 Ep. 27 - This man is memorizing the entire New Testament!Season 3 Ep. 26 - How to Simplify Making Christian Friendships w/ guest Amberly NeeseSeason 3 Ep. 25 - Learn to Live at Peace Despite our Differences  w/guest Amberly NeeseSeason 3 Ep. 24 - Mini Bible Study on Psalm 23Season 3 Ep. 23 - Spiritual Breakthrough - Finding Freedom in Christ w/ Guest Barb RooseSeason 3 Ep. 22 - Why your heart should not guide your Bible studySeason 3 Ep. 21 - How to Discern God's Calling on Your Life w/ guest Jodie NiznikSeason 3 Ep. 20 - Get back to the truest version of you! w/ guest Christy WrightSeason 3 Ep. 19 - Skinniness & Beauty are an Empty Pursuit w/ guest Cambria Joy