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Wake up to the best sports story you'll hear all day. Monday through Friday, we bring you an inside look at the most interesting stories in sports, as told by ESPN's top reporters and insiders. The breaking news of SportsCenter. The deep dive storytelling of 30 for 30. Get the very best of ESPN. Daily. Hosted by Clinton Yates. read less

Our Editor's Take

ESPN Daily is a podcast about much more than sports. Most daily sports shows focus on that day's news, game predictions, and player stats. This program has previews and recaps, of course. But many episodes discuss sports-adjacent stories, appealing to a different kind of listener.

Show creator and original host Pablo Torre is Harvard-educated. He joined ESPN in 2012, writing for, and started ESPN Daily in 2020. In 2023, he left the show, and a rotating group of ESPN names took over hosting this podcast.

Since the beginning, the ESPN Daily podcast has discussed topics rarely found in sports news. Torre talks about Creed III star Michael B. Jordan's directing debut. The host explains the events that led to the federal probe of the Washington Commanders. He even goes back in history with his retelling of the Orangeburg Massacre. That day, the police shot and killed three high school and college athletes during a protest.

ESPN Daily also explains the news one sees on SportsCenter. One episode goes through the reasons behind Lamar Jackson's contract woes. The show also explains the reasons behind Kevin Durant's trade. Torre talks about LeBron James' breaking Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's scoring record. The NFL Super Wild Card Weekend gets its own episode. The show also discusses sports at the institutional level. One podcast episode reveals how MLB increased spending while claiming indigence.

The stories in ESPN Dailyaren't all serious. The show talks about ChiefsAholic. The Kansas City fan allegedly funded his football mania by robbing banks. Another episode features acrobat Red Panda, who performs halftime shows during NBA games. The show also reveals the history behind the Bills Mafia. A popular episode explains the strangest World Darts Championship final ever.

ESPN Daily is a great listen for sports fans who like to know what's happening between games. The podcast consists of material that makes great dinner-party conversation. Sports enthusiasts may appreciate listening to it as part of their daily routine.

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