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Recapping Toronto Blue Jays action after ever game and fielding listener texts with hosts Jeff Blair, Kevin Barker and Sho Alli! Don't miss Jays Talk Plus from Monday to Friday with Blake Murphy at 10am-12pm. read less

Our Editor's Take

The Toronto Blue Jays are one of the most exciting teams in Major League Baseball. They have an All-Star roster of players, such as George Springer, Vladimir Guerrero Jr., and Bo Bichette. Blue Jays Talk is a podcast that serves as both a Blue Jays news show and a talk forum. It is an official production of Sportsnet, one of Canada's largest sports broadcasting networks.

The hosts of Blue Jays Talk are Jeff Blair, Kevin Barker, and Sho Alli. Blair has been reporting on the Blue Jays for over 40 years. Barker spent a decade playing baseball in the US, Canada, and Mexico. Alli has been a producer and on-air personality with Sportsnet since October 2017.

Blue Jays Talk is exclusively a recap podcast. This means that it does not offer pre-game predictions of any kind. Rather, it focuses on post-game analysis after each Blue Jays game. Blair shares commentary and stats through the lens of an experienced sportswriter. Barker uses his background as a former player to provide additional insights. Alli offers a youthful counterpoint to the other two gentlemen when needed. He has a playful sense of humor that helps to make the podcast fun to listen to.

One of the best aspects of this podcast is the audience text segments. At a certain point in each episode, fans can text the show while it is airing live and have their texts read out on-air. These texts have caused some exciting debates between the hosts.

This podcast is also the home of Jays Talk Plus, whose host is Blake Murphy. As its name implies, these episodes are supplemental to the main podcast.

A new episode of Blue Jays Talk airs after each game throughout the MLB season. Each regular episode averages about 40 minutes in length. Supplemental episodes average 90 minutes in total.

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