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Follow along with Justin Press and ShipRocked MC Chad Nicefield (of the band Wilson) and the ShipRocked crew as they exploit behind-the-scenes details of heavy metal musicians. Life, music, social scenes, sex, life-defining moments, and more are all address here on MAKING WAVES. New episodes drop every Monday! Rock Hard. Vacation Harder. Listen to all of our podcasts, book a cabin or learn more about ShipRocked Cruise here: https://www.shiprocked.com/MakingWavesPodcast
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Welcome to Making Waves: The ShipRocked Podcast
Ep. 67 Madame MayhemEp. 66 Michael Vampire (Vampires Everywhere/Dead Girls Academy)Ep. 65 Jason Hook (Five Finger Death Punch, 55DP, Alice Cooper, Vince Neil, Filmmaker, Songwriter, Producer, Guitar God)Ep. 64 grandsonEp. 63 Tim Cabral and Kyle Connors from Cruise ProductionEp. 62 Steve Black from Chop Shop RadioEp. 61 John 5 (Rob Zombie, Lita Ford, Randy Castillo, K.D. Lang, 2wo (Two), Rob Halford, David Lee Roth)Ep. 60 Matt James from BlackTop MojoEp. 59 OxyMorronsAlicia Taylor (Cherry Bombs)Ep 57. Emily Armstrong of Dead SaraEp. 56 TwiztidIconic Horror Actor Bill MoseleyEp. 54 John Tempesta (The Cult, Rob Zombie, Exodus)Ep. 53 Lilith Czar Makes Waves!Ep. 52 C.J. and Jason from Drowing PoolConcert Security Expert John Guarnieri joins Making Waves!Making Waves with Danny Case, lead vocalist of From Ashes to NewEp. 49 Frank Bello of Anthrax!Ep. 48 Joey Varela of VRSTY