Between a Talk and a Hard Place

L. Mckenzie

In a world that wants you to be everything to everyone, Between a Talk and a Hard Place is where you can come and just be you. This is a podcast that puts the NOT in I'm OK and brings real conversations about real situations that women experience everyday.

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Talk 61: Bad Biiish vs Bad Boy
Talk 61: Bad Biiish vs Bad BoyTalk 60: Spousal SupportTalk 59: Child SupportTalk 58: Bougie Black Women w/ Kai ButcherTalk 57: Representation Matters w/ Kai ButcherTalk 56: A Journey Through Mental Health w/ Melissa Enoch, LCMHCTalk 55: 5 Steps to Embracing Brilliance- Becoming Professionally Powerful through Personal Empowerment w/ Dr. Vernita Glenn-WhiteTalk 54: HERStory in the Making w/ Xanthia BaptisteTalk 53: HERstory in the Making w Erica Courtenay-MannTalk 52: HERstory in the Making w/Dr. Juanyetta BeasleyTalk 51: HERstory in the Making w/Ciera YoungTalk 50: A Story About ChaosTalk 49: The Wellness Encourager Sheniqua Johnson, RNTalk 48: Self-Talk HabitsTalk 47: Mental Health & WellnessTalk 46: Self-HealthTalk 45: This Thing Called LifeTalk 44: Laughing with Kyndra CrumpTalk 43: Education vs SuccessTalk 42: Change of Habit Author Carol Pompey