Breakdown: The Trump Indictment

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

True crime investigations from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Veteran legal affairs journalist Bill Rankin takes you inside the courtroom to break down the story and the criminal justice system. This award-winning series investigates Georgia’s most important cases with fact-based reporting. Season 10 will focus on the historic indictment of former President Donald Trump in Fulton County, Georgia, led by District Attorney Fani Willis. Co-hosted by senior reporter Tamar Hallerman and editor Shannon McCaffrey. Learn more about our reporting at read less

Our Editor's Take

The Breakdown podcast enters the courtroom to give listeners a detailed analysis of how justice happens in the United States. Longtime journalist Bill Rankin hosts. Rankin has investigated criminal legal proceedings for more than three decades. He is the legal affairs reporter for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The newspaper brings this investigative true crime podcast to listeners. It promises authoritative examinations of Georgia's most intriguing and important cases.

Along with the facts, the Breakdown host explores each case's legal precedents and history. The podcast also exposes the inequities in the state's and nation's legal systems. Rankin makes it his responsibility to help uphold a fair justice system. Listeners will hear from a fair-minded and passionate source.

Each season discusses a legal story in Georgia. Past seasons include the trial of Ahmaud Arbery's killers. Another season talked about the Tex McIver murder trial. One season examined the grand jury investigation of former President Donald Trump.

Rankin presents listeners with more than the facts of the legal system. He emphasizes how vital it is to understand the culture that decides what is criminal. Episodes explore the mental health problems that the nation criminalizes. It also shows public opinion shapes who America calls guilty or innocent. How often is the person convicted guilty? How many innocents are behind bars? The Breakdown podcast is here to investigate these questions and many more. Listeners can rely on this trusted source to reveal what happens in the American court.

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