Autopsy Podcast

Autopsy is a narrative-based show using true crime and non-true crime cases alike to communicating the science and logic behind determining the cause and manner of death.
Not-So-Morbid Curiosity, or: Day of the Fred -- with Kate Wallinga of Ignorance Was BlissOne Year Anniversary Special!Autopsy Minus Autopsy: Jeffrey EpsteinNizzear RodriguezDiscussion: Viscerally YoursMark AppleDiscussion: "Only What You Take With You"Jennifer Ann BannerUPDATE: July's EpisodeAddendum Discussion: Kendrick JohnsonKendrick JohnsonDiscussion: Maggots, Man's Best Friend, & Moving FloorsMarisa Lee BellDiscussion: Toxicology Turn-Around & Behind the Scenes ME DramaTruett McKeehanDiscussion: Becoming a Death Investigator (+Catch-up)Elisa LamBella & Celeste WattsShanann WattsDiscussion: Different Types of Autopsies/Examinations