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Mission History will travel through world history to bring you stories of legendary military leaders, epic campaigns, and secret missions that remained hidden for years: from Alexander the Great to Xerxes to Ghengis Khan; from Julius Caesar to William Wallace to Geronimo; from the Trojan War to the Viking raids to the American Revolution, and beyond. In season one, we begin with a story of timely importance. It’s the story of the armies who fought in the American Revolutionary War… because in 2022 the Camden Battlefields' caretakers were forced to make a rare and difficult decision. They needed to safeguard the resting places of those valiant soldiers whose very graves were in jeopardy of being destroyed. Hear from the men and women who rescued the remains of the fallen heroes and experience the historic event in April 2023 of the reburial ceremonies. But before that, Mission History will transport you to America in the 1770s and 80s through vivid stories of top generals, fearless battlefield commanders, and the valiant men and women who stood on the front lines. From the cities of Boston, New York, and Philadelphia to the fields and swamps of the Carolinas and Georgia, experience the American Revolutionary War like never before. ~~~ Mission History is a collaboration of Black Barrel Media and QCODE. The presenting sponsor of Season 1 is the Historic Camden Foundation. Visit Historic Camden, South Carolina to see the Camden Battlefield and to experience a living history colonial town site. ~~~ Follow us On Instagram @QCODEMedia | @blackbarrelmedia On Twitter @QCODEMedia | @BBarrelMedia read less

Our Editor's Take

The Mission History podcast brings history to life through the stories of secret missions and epic battles. It questions how well someone can understand history through only reading about it. So listeners get to know what happened, the series transports them back to the events. It highlights not only the leaders on the battlefield but also the men and women caught in the violence.

The first season of the Mission History podcast starts with a meaningful ending. The location is a large strip of land in Camden, South Carolina. This area was the site of the Battle of Camden, an important event in the American Revolutionary War. It's also the site of many war graves, as they buried soldiers wherever they fell during the battle. In 2022, the area was at risk of destruction. The podcast explains how people then came together to honor the fallen heroes' sacrifice.

In true Mission History style, the second season starts with violence in 1770. The first episode details the theme of rebellion in all its forms, from a riot in New York to a massacre in Boston. King George III gets involved, and soon, rumors of war start to spread. The following episode follows the fight for independence as thirteen colonies make declarations.

Each podcast episode moves through the 1770s. The show recounts the details of violent tensions on each side. When General George Washington won two battles, it signaled hope for ending the war. Then, the British army assaulted Philadelphia. It's this constant swing between optimism and loss that keeps the war evolving at a dramatic pace.

The Mission History podcast shares a captivating retelling of history. Each story provides details from each side of the story as it builds up to significant events.

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