The Great Sensitive Mind


High Sensitivity is a real term, yet one that has only been researched more recently. Do you know that there are around 20% of us with the High Sensitivity trait?! Unfortunately, not that many people know about it and that's the thing that I wish to change!

Hi, my name is Barbora (but everyone calls me Bee) and I am a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). After discovering that this topic is unknown to so many out there, I decided to make The Great Sensitive Mind podcast, where I will talk about living as aHSP and share my journey and thoughts with all other HSPs, or people who are simply interested in this topic.

BUT, I don't wish to stop here. As sensitivity is a part of mental health, I want to also talk about different topics connected to mental health such as emotions, relationships, love life, personal growth and many more. After all, our mental health is as important as our physical! Yet how often it is being overlooked? Let's change it together. :)

I will start sharing my stories with you on my own, however, later on, you can look forward to some interesting interviews I am going to have with both specialists and people like me - HSPs to share their wisdom and stories!

Do you wish to know how the HSP trait influences our life, relationships and our mind and how we can work with it? Are you interested in understanding emotions, relationships and your own self more? Well, then click on the subscribe button as The Great Sensitive Mind podcast is just for you!