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Our Editor's Take

Early Bird Brief is a US military and defense update podcast. Defense News and Military Times editors produce, report, and host the show. It reports on the Air Force, Marine Corps, and more.

The Early Bird Brief podcast features both breaking news and interviews. Weapons enthusiasts may want to hear journalist Jen Judson interview Tom Karako. He is an analyst for the Center for Strategic and International Studies. They celebrate the US Army's first increment of new precision strike missiles. They are part of the Army's missile defense modernization priorities. Judson and Karako also discuss the release of Senator Tommy Tuberville's military promotion holds.

The podcast also reports on US military actions. President Biden said that air strikes against Houthis in Yemen will continue. He admits that the air strikes are not stopping the Houthi interruption of trade in the Red Sea.

Early Bird Brief content concerns legislation as well as combat. Military Times reporter Nikki Wentling talks to host Jonathan Lehrfeld. They discuss extremism in US war vets. Concerns increased after the insurrection on the Capitol in 2021. Nikki describes some measures the Pentagon could take to address these concerns. The report that outlines these measures took a long time to complete. She notes that the Department of Defense (DoD) sought follow-ups on its late release in late 2023.

The podcast also reports on issues like the National Defense Authorization Act. These annual budget laws could have significant impacts. Controversies can result in government shutdowns. Concerns include domestic issues like abortion policy. There are also concerns about disability payouts for veterans. The Department of Veterans Affairs is processing more claims than ever. The laws also address threats from strategic competition with China and Russia.

Early Bird Brief reporting is concise. Most regular episodes run between six and fifteen minutes. This podcast may appeal to Americans who want to know more than news outlets report. New episodes release most weekdays.

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