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HALLOWEEN KILLS Roundtable (Bonus) (174) !! SPOILERS !! Gerald is joined by long-time friends and fellow podcasters: Julio - The Contrarians Brad - The Cinema Guys Dan - Netflix N' Swill Together, they discuss and dissect the latest entry into the Michael Myers saga, Halloween Kills. One of them is super high on it, the other three...not so much. This is a SPOILER HEAVY discussion. This is a special bonus episode, take a listen and Happy Halloween! This is the final "main feed" episode of Two Peas, so stay tuned to the very end of the episode for some very cool and touching tributes from friends and collaborators of the show. Two Peas is made possible by our executive producers: Cathey Ross, Dan Brenic, Caleb Brownley, Daniel Henderson, Michele Doto, Justin Esquivel, Tony Dobish, Paul Przytula, Chris Yeany, Julio Olivera, Patrick Sherwood, Drew Hallum, Daniel Roske, Becca Separk, Jarrod Taylor, Brad Hargis, Yvonne Spotts, David Powell, Michael Hill, Mario Leon, Jason Broadwell, Joey Austin, Kris Wiezczorkowski, Josh Ragland and The Jock & Nerd Podcast. For as little as $1, you can join them. Just visit us on Patreon. Want to reach the show? Easy Peasy (see what we did there?) Follow us on Twitter @TwoPeasOnAPod Like us on Facebook and/or join our Facebook Fan Group Follow us on Instagram Visit and Subscribe to our YouTube channel E-Mail the show anytime. Visit us online at PodBean or via our website HERE. Visit our Merch Store at TeePublic for shirts, mugs, stickers, etc. Follow us on Letterboxd for all our Top 5 lists and mini reviews.
Oct 29 2021
2 hrs 5 mins
Top 5 1980s Horror Movies - 173Top 5 Family-Friendly Horror Movies - 172Top 5 ”Bad” Horror We Love - 171Top 5 Vampire Movies - 170Top 5 Movie Characters We‘d Like to Hang With - 169Top 5 Short-Lived TV Shows - 168Top 5 Double Threats - 167Top 5 Crying Scenes - 166Top 5 Raunchy Comedies - 165Top 5 Netflix Original Series - 164Top 5 A24 Films - 163Top 5 Oscar Winning Performances (2010-2020) - 162
Jun 30 2021
44 mins
Top 5 Documentaries - 161Top 5 Movie Dads - 160Top 5 Game Shows - 159Top 5 Women-Led Action Movies - 158Top 5 Cereals - 157Top 5 Movie Dinner Scenes - 155Top 5 On-Screen Athletes - 153