Application: The TYPO3 Community Podcast

Jeffrey A. "jam" McGuire, Open Strategy Partners, TYPO3 Association

Jeffrey A. McGuire celebrates the TYPO3 community by sharing your stories, your projects, and the difference you make. Application is a narrative journey connecting developers, marketers, consultants, integrators, designers, and end-users with Jeffery’s signature conversational style. Meet the humans behind the technology.
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Application: The TYPO3 Community Podcast
Meet Thomas "Spoony" Löffler, TYPO3 Freelancer and Contributor, GermanyMeet Tymoteusz "Tymek" Motylewski, TYPO3 Core Contributor, PolandMeet Susi Moog, TYPO3 GmbH COO, GermanyMeet Petra Hasenau, TYPO3 Association Board Vice President, GermanyMeet Jochen Weiland, TYPO3 Teacher, Contributor, Hoster, GermanyMeet Mathias Bolt Lesniak, TYPO3 Board Member, NorwayMeet Larry Garfield, TYPO3 Core Developer, Chicago, USAMeet Stefan Busemann, Multi-talented TYPO3 Contributor, GermanyMeet Adrian Zimmermann, TYPO3 OG, SwitzerlandMeet Daniel Homorodean **Re-Upload** w/ credits and music!Meet Daniel Homorodean, TYPO3 Expansion Lead, RomaniaMeet Daniel Siepmann, TYPO3 Contributor, Friend, and Helper, GermanyMeet Annett Jähnichen, TYPO3 Developer, GermanySeason One Wrap-up, Season Two Preview!Thank you TYPO3 Guidebook Contributors!
On today’s brief episode of Application, the TYPO3 Community Podcast, I speak with Felicity Brand, a fellow team member at Open Strategy Partners and author of the TYPO3 guidebook, which we've been putting together for the last couple of years here at Open Strategy Partners. It's a real privilege for us to help channel the work of the TYPO3 community, and we feel it's time that more people heard about it. We would like to give an appreciation round for everyone who contributed to the TYPO3 guide book.An enormous thank you to: Alexander Kellner, Anja Leichsenring, Benjamin Kott, Benni Mack, Björn Jacob, Claus-Peter Eberwein, Daniel Goerz, Daniel Homorodean, Daniel Siepmann, David Steeb, Desirée Lochner, Frank Nägler, Frank Schubert, Georg Ringer, Luisa Faßbender, Marcus Schwemer, Martin Huber, Mathias Bolt Lesniak, Mathias Schreiber, Mattias Svensson, Matze Stegmann, Michael Schams, Oliver Hader, Olivier Dobberkau, Robert Lindh, Sanjay Chauhan, Stefan Buseman, Suzanne Moog, Sybille Peters, Tracy Evans, Tymoteusz Motylewski, Felicity Brand, Heather MacNamee, Elli Ludwigson, Kai Strobach, Jo Hasenau, Jesi Driessen, Louise Corrigan, Nancy Chen, James Markhamb, 13, Cybercraft GmbH, Open Strategy Partners GmbH, Pixelant (Resultify AB), SkillDisplay, Texere Publishing Ltd, Toujou part of DFAU GmbH, TUI UK Ltd, TYPO3 GmbH, TYPO3 Association, University of Vienna, T3Con, DrupalCon, TYPO3 Dev Days, TYPO3 Camp Vienna, TYPO3 Camp Mitteldeutschland, APress Media LLC,  the TYPO3 community design team, everyone else who helped us on this project, and everyone who has ever contributed to TYPO3 and open source.Listen and subscribe to the Application Podcast on:iTunes SpotifyGoogle PodcastsBuzzsprout RSS feed---------------------------------------------------------------LET’S CONNECT TwitterFacebookInstagramMeet the TYPO3 Project.Find official TYPO3 partners, support offerings, and more here.---------------------------------------------------------------THANK YOU TO:The TYPO3 Association for sponsoring this podcastb13 and Stefanie Kreuzer for our logoPatrick Gaumond for our wonderful theme music
May 12 2021
7 mins
Meet Volker Graubaum (Part 3), Chief Product Officer of TYPO3, GermanyMeet Volker Graubaum Pt 2, TYPO3 Chief Product Officer, GermanyMeet Volker Graubaum, TYPO3 Chief Product Officer, GermanyMeet Sybille Peters, TYPO3 Documentation Contributor, GermanyMeet Andri Steiner, TYPO3 Server Team Lead, Switzerland
Mar 18 2021
27 mins