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In the Player Lair podcast we delve into the process of making games and interview various game designers, publishers and people involved in the gaming community to learn more about the hobby we love.

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Episode 25: Sandy Petersen
Dec 25 2021
1 hr 1 min
Episode 25: Sandy PetersenEpisode 24: Megapulse with Nicolas FournierEpisode 23: Circadians: Chaos Order with Sam and ZachEpisode 22: Renegade Legion with Budgie Smuggler GamesEpisode 21: Micro Games with Ben DowntonEpisode 20: Making Artwork with The MicoEpisode 19: Bruno FaiduttiBonus Episode: Questeros with Wes WoodburyEpisode 18: Targi with Andy SteigerEpisode 17: Eduardo Baraf and Pencil First GamesEpisode 16: Dexterity games with Aron WestEpisode 15: Spirit Island with R. Eric ReussEpisode 14: Bruno CathalaEpisode 13: Under Falling Skies with Tomáš UhlířEpisode 12: Deck of Wonders with Dennis FuriaEpisode 11: Treasure Island with Marc PaquienEpisode 10: Festivals, Contests and Game Design with Vassil LozanovEpisode 9: Dining with DraculaEpisode 8: Lore, Gore and More with John De CamposEpisode 7: Making and Marketing a Mail-in Mystery with Lisa and Anna