The Exceptional Leadership podcast with Anita Brooks

Anita Brooks

We all influence someone, but the question is, "Are we influencing well? Exceptionally well?" As an international speaker, award-winning author, and high-demand business coach who founded P4 Power Coaching, host Anita Brooks brings her passion, expertise, and front-line insights to The Exceptional Leadership podcast. She takes great joy in helping people and organizations identify and plug the invisible drains stealing their time, energy, and money, and now, she's sharing her wisdom with you. Through inspiring true stories, fascinating interviews, practical tips, boots-on-the-ground resources, and coaching challenges, you will benefit from the secrets and strategies she's spent years learning and teaching. The focus of this podcast is primarily pointed to leadership at an organizational level, however, most of what Anita shares will translate to almost any aspect of your life--professionally and personally. Whether you approach the content as a corporate leader, board member, middle manager, small business owner, mentor, spouse or parent, the "why, what, where, and when" are as important as "who and how" you lead. So, join Anita on a quest not for mediocrity, not for perfection, but absolutely for exceptional leadership. Prepare to grab extraordinary courage and exercise unrivaled integrity as you resolve to humbly invest in the people you guide. Not only will those you lead receive unprecedented payoffs, but with pure motives, you and/or your organization will gain more than you can possibly imagine. Just ask any of the many clients Anita has served. read less