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What's the podcast about? In a nutshell, Sean picks a surprise topic based on something that annoys Hailey. She gets high and joins Sean to laugh about their opinions on said topics, with lots of stories & tangents thrown in for good measure! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/haileyhateseverything/support

B*tch-A$$ Book Done Got Me!
Aug 3 2022
B*tch-A$$ Book Done Got Me!
Hailey hates inspirational children's books, or does she?  This week, Hailey and Sean discuss a variety of children's books, reacquainting themselves with "The Little Engine That Could", acting out the riveting conclusion of "Froggy Goes To The Doctor", and finding inspiration in the process.   Hailey shares glimpses into her childhood, discusses what made her feel worthy, and what she'd like to see more of in children's literature! Sean shares how comic books helped him level up his reading.  Internet trolls, the importance of boundaries, sun sensitivity, cute teddy bears, and more!!  Buckle up for a roller coaster ride of info! Share your favorite, or least favorite, children's books with us for next week's episode! Friend Hailey on GoodReads - Care Network - US WITH YOUR FRIENDS!! Support the podcast with a monthly donation! us with a one-time payment or check out other links: our website:   us: haileyhateseverything@gmail.com Leave us a voicemail: us for updates on Instagram: @hailey_hates_everything Hailey's Stuff: Instagram: @divinemrsdiva Blog: Discourse of a Divine Diva - Etsy Shop: Stuff: Instagram: @theseanald Music licensed from Little Engine That Could: 1930 vs 1954 editions - Little Engine that Could Series - Goes to the Doctor - Challenges book series - Life Hacks book series - Persisted book series - Am Confident, Brave & Beautiful A Coloring Book for Girls - Boundaries, Find Peace - Called Us Enemy - Queer A Memior - Support this podcast: