The Global Investor

Obris Podcast by Crown Private

Savvy investors and those who aspire to be successful investors will appreciate The Global Investor. Each episode will focus on a specific theme that will help you enhance and diversify your investing skills and strategies. You will learn from partners, members and guests about industries, markets, geographies and anything else that aligns with our mission.The Global Investor is brought to you by Obris, a membership-based global investor syndicate. Our mission is to bring together exceptional people, unique experiences and bespoke deals.

Where the Hell is Uzbekistan & Why is this Frontier Market Booming? An Interview with Scott Osheroff.Freedom, Focus, Leadership & Mindfulness: An Interview with Belle Wiffen - Entrepreneur, Property Developer, Business Owner & Meditation App CreatorEpisode 21.3 From Canada to Chile and Back. Gabriel Scheare's Enduring Commitment to Build Community Through a Company Town.Episode 21.2 Larry Scharf - From Touring Mines Around the globe to Investing In Precious MetalsEpisode 21:1 LeVar Fraiser - Always Make Your Money Work for YouEpisode 12 - Kim Iskyan Former Hedge Fund Manager & International Editor of Stansberry ResearchEpisode 11: Early Stage Investing in Crisis – an Interview with Hugh Bickerstaff of Singapore based Vulpes Investment CompanyEpisode 10: Straight-Forward Due Diligence from an Active Investor with Kyle GonzalesEpisode 9: Profiting from Crypto Mining in Good and Bad Times with Rolf VersluisEpisode 8: John Nemanic -- Serial Entrepreneur on Cannabis in LATAM