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As Colombia cracks down on cartel violence, the country braces for moreProtests in Armenia over possible Nagorno-Karabakh concessions spark fears of mass unrestSneak peak at The Debrief: Pakistan in political turmoil after PM Khan oustedIsrael faces political crisis amid escalating violence in East JerusalemAnti-government protests break out in Sri Lanka as economic and energy crises worsen
Apr 7 2022
9 mins
Israel on edge after three deadly attacks in a weekIn Ukraine’s besieged city of Mariupol, thousands remain trapped with Russian forces closing inWith all eyes on Ukraine, North Korea conducts tenth missile launch of yearRussia's invasion of Ukraine complicates plans to revive the Iran nuclear dealTrucker convoy heads to US capital despite easing of coronavirus-related restrictionsRussia’s moves in eastern Ukraine intensify, raising fears of a deadly warA renewed power struggle in Libya threatens country’s tenuous stabilityAfter closing a border bridge, Canada’s anti-vaccine truckers may inspire a U.S. protestFailed coup attempt in Guinea-Bissau adds to concerns about West African stabilityBurkina Faso’s military seizes power, marking Africa’s fifth coup in less than two yearsNorth Korea's recent missile launches pose new challenges for missile defense systemsKazakhstan's deadly protests end, but political upheaval shrouds future
Editors Jimmy Lovaas and Alex Moore discuss the deadly protests in Kazakhstan, plus more on the U.S. Senate's vote on a Nord Stream 2 sanctions bill*, possible protests by India's farmers, a Serbian constitutional referendum and the start of the Australian Open. These stories and more are also available in our weekly Forecast email and you can subscribe for free.This episode was produced with work from Factal editors Jimmy Lovaas, Jeff Landset, Joe Veyera, David Wyllie and Alex Moore.  Music courtesy of Andrew Gospe. Have feedback, suggestions or events we’ve missed? Drop us a note: hello@factal.comWhat's Factal? Created by the founders of Breaking News, Factal alerts companies to global incidents that pose an immediate risk to their people or business operations. We provide trusted verification, precise incident mapping and a collaboration platform for corporate security, travel safety and emergency management teams. If you're a company interested in a trial, please email sales@factal.com. To learn more, visit Factal.com, browse the Factal blog or email us at hello@factal.com.Read the full episode description and transcript on Factal's blog.*CORRECTION: Our podcast incorrectly stated that the U.S. Senate vote on the Nord Stream 2 sanctions was expected to take place on Friday, Jan. 14. In fact, the vote was expected by that date. The Senate ultimately took the matter up on Thursday, Jan. 13, rejecting the proposed sanctions. Copyright © 2022 Factal. All rights reserved.
Jan 13 2022
11 mins
Sudan’s prime minister quits, leaving military in control as protests growMigrants stalled in Mexico City after weekend clashes with policePost-coup Myanmar faces uncertain future amid militia rise