Identity Architects


Identity Architects is the podcast dedicated to spotlighting individuals who have pioneered the way that data and identity can improve the customer experience across media, gaming, financial services, healthcare and more! Visit https://www.infosum.com for more information on InfoSum.

Dana McGraw, Disney Advertising: We want to do the right thing by the consumerChris Hawk, Papa John's: There’s not a one-size-fits-all approachStéphane Dugelay, mediarithmics: First-party data is keyPiper Heitzler, Amobee: Put yourself out thereRowena Humby, Starcount: Embrace the changeValerie Mercurio, InfoSum: There is a better way for us to protect our customersTony Miller, WW: Own your own dataMichael Schuh, Kroger Precision Marketing: People need advertising that works harderPeter Markey, Boots: It’s not an if but a when momentSven Christian Andrä, Klingel Group: We need to create concepts of unlearningNick Halstead, InfoSum: Collaboration without movement is a game changerGaurav Shirole, Roku: Buy TV like you watch TVKaren Eccles, The Telegraph: A once in a generation chanceDavid Amodio, Channel 4: There's a need to evolve and changeIntroducing Identity Architects