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Introducing Surgical Crossroads: Choosing Your Specialty - the careers series from the Let's Talk Surgery podcast
Aug 4 2021
Introducing Surgical Crossroads: Choosing Your Specialty - the careers series from the Let's Talk Surgery podcast
The Let's Talk Surgery podcast from the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh (RCSEd) introduces a new surgical career's series, 'Surgical Crossroads: Choosing Your Specialty'.  In this series, podcast hosts Greg Ekatah and Sesi Hotonu are joined by ENT surgeon Sadie Khwaja, bringing the Health Education England North West Career's Fair, which traditionally takes place each November, to a broader audience via the podcast platform. With 11 episodes, this podcast series focuses on careers and career aspirations. We'll be talking about how to choose the career you want in surgery and giving you a flavour of our guests' chosen specialty, as well as hints, tips and advice from those established in their career to their colleagues who are just beginning to find their career pathways.In each episode, we will look at a different specialty and speak with three guests at different stages in their career path – a consultant, a registrar and a medical student. We wish to thank our guests for giving an amazing insight into their career journey - who and what inspired them, and the real reasons behind their choice of speciality. By sharing their story so openly we are given a very real and honest impression of the day to day lives of our guests. This series will enlighten, inspire and inform. For those who know what speciality they wish to choose, this may solidify your choice, while for those still considering their options, the stories of our guests cannot fail to inspire you. You will also be amazed at how many of our guests are working in a different specialty to the one they thought they would be! Sit back and enjoy the breadth of experience captured within this podcast series. Contact Information Visit for further information and details on becoming a member.Email: comms@rcsed.ac.uk for any questions or topic suggestions you may have for future episodes.This show is brought to you by the RCSEd. Follow us on  Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram. Hosted by Greg Ekatah, Sesi Hotonu and Sadie Khawaja produced and directed by Heather Pownall of Heather's Media Hub Ltd.