The Biz Dojo

Seth Anderson & J.P. Gaston

As professional coaches, hosts Seth Anderson and J.P. Gaston know a thing or two about personal and professional development.The Biz Dojo is a multi-award winning business and leadership podcast that tackles the topics of wellness, mindset, overcoming challenges, and personal awareness. All to help listeners become not only an effective leader, but to improve their personal lives in the process. Seth and JP share insights and stories from their impressive network of friends, family and colleagues.Guests include hall-of-fame and Olympic athletes, UN humanitarian award winners, Ted Talk presenters, Top Chef Champions, Emmy award winners, world-touring musicians, CEOs, non-profits and even local entrepreneurs. Grab a hold of your inner wisdom, and learn lessons in mindfulness, leadership, gratitude and realizing the true potential of your whole self. Interact with the show through every social media platform, and even set aside time for a free coaching and consulting discover session with Seth and JP! web: www.thebizdojo.comig & fb: @BizDojoPodcast lnkd: The Biz Dojo Inc.
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Season 3 Intro
Aug 10 2021
3 mins
S3E17 - Making adjustments in wellness w/Dr. Karen QuinnS3E16 - A game within a game: Tackling physical wellness w/Pat WoodcockS3E15 - Set Goals, Achieve Your Dreams w/Jordan WalshS3E14 - Finding Clarity Within - Part 2 - w/Jamie SmartS3E13 - Finding Clarity Within - Part 1 - w/Jamie SmartS3E12 - Creating Space for Well-Being w/Elena IaconoS3E11 - "Where Loss Lives, Grief Will Follow" ~Jeremy AllenS3E10 - One Small Act to Empowering Others w/Kristin LeeS3E09 - Lessons From A Serial Entrepreneur w/ Sean MillsS3E08 - Finding Community & Building Success w/Yoni TzafrirS3E07 - Stress, Decision Fatigue and the Science of Nutrition w/Sonia FunkS3E06 - Why the heck not?! w/ Jessica Gale FriesenS3E05 - Trust and believe. You've got this! with Haley DanielsS3E04 - Building Community w/ Naofall "Ming" FolahanS3E3 - Managing through self-doubt with Erin EvansS3E02 - ; Tarps Off w/JD LewisS3E01 - Mindset Matters & Overcoming Obstacles with Grace Dafoe and Alysia RisslingSeason 3 IntroS2E20 - The Season Finale: Shooting Your Shot w/Ambrose Firkus and Parker MackayS2E19 - Disciplined Growth w/Damarys Zampini