Jon Fink the Vegan Giant

The Fink Show is a daily podcast about comedy, events, people, and pop culture. The primary hosts are Jon Fink the Vegan Giant, a voice over artist with an incredible voice, and Gina Wells, a clever Nebraska girl adjusting to the weirdness of California. What makes this podcast unique? It’s live weekdays on Podbean with a live chat and rotating cohosts. Each show ends with a live Free Skate where Patreon subscribed listeners can call in. A Patreon subscription of just US$3 per month gets you access to all the archived shows, bonus content, a monthly giveaway of cool prizes, and access to the live ”call in” Free Skate portion at the end of each show. The live show on Podbean, and sample shows (on most major podcast platforms, including YouTube) is free. Check us out! We have lots of fun. Podbean: Patreon: Merch!: read less